The true captain of EVOS Legends is revealed by Zeys.

The current captain of EVOS Legends is still an enigma. Since REKT left, there is no clarity about who is the head of the White Tiger roster.

In MPL ID S10, Clover is believed to be the captain as well as the player who unites the team. However, as Clover is farewell, the captain of EVOS Legends becomes an enigma.

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Since the IESF, many have considered Saykots to be the captain of the team. Discussions about this have surfaced so many times that even fans believe that the bespectacled EXP Laner is indeed the new leader of the team.

Until now, the view that the captain of EVOS Legends is Saykots is still stuck. Moreover, the performance of the player whose real name is Rizqi Damank is doing very well with two EVOS wins in the first week of MPL ID S11.

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But, is Saykots really the captain of EVOS Legends? The former coach of the Zeys who is also the one who made this team so powerful spoke up on stream.

Captain EVOS Legends is not Saykots

Zeys was so impressed with the performance EVOS Legends in two games against Rebellion Zion and Alter Ego. Two wins with an absolute score of 2-0 have made the White Tigers perch at the top of the MPL ID S11 provisional standings.

While streaming and reacting to the EVOS Legends mic check, Zeys revealed something interesting about the EVOS Legends captain. It turns out that Saykots is not the leader in this team.

“Your captain is already Branz Tazz. Even the captain doesn’t know Tazz,” Zeys said in response to Tazz’s shout who said into the mic check “Saykots, our captain is the boss.”

There’s little evidence that Branz is the true captain of EVOS Legends, and it makes perfect sense that he is.

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Because Branz and Dreams are veterans in the MLBB scene compared to Saykots, Tazz, and Hijumee. So his ability to lead the team is certainly better. Even though until now we also don’t know who the team’s main shotcaller really is, because it’s difficult for Branz as a goldlaner to become the main shotcaller.

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