No wonder Zeys’ departure from EVOS left disappointment.

Four years together, Zeys and EVOS have finally parted ways. His departure is regrettable for many EVOS Fams (EVOS fans) because of the myriad of achievements he has made during his service.

Starting from national titles such as MPL ID Season 4 and Season 7, to the international M1 World Championship and IESF trophies. His contribution to the success of the White Tiger team is unquestionable.

Following the loss of the Singapore coach in the EVOS Legends coaching ranks, fans had to accept the harsh reality when his departure was officially confirmed by the team.

But in fact it’s not only fans who are hurt by this separation, the coach of the Indonesian MLBB national team for the SEA Games next May also feels the same way.

Zeys is disappointed to have to leave EVOS Legends like this

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Credit: EVOS TV

In an emotional atmosphere following the official announcement of his departure from the team he had defended for a long time, Zeys expressed his deep disappointment. That was revealed on his streaming broadcast last night.

“Disappointed! The team that I built from the beginning is now starting to get back up and strong again, but I was kicked. I feel underappreciated (EVOS),” explained the former AOV Singapore national team coach.

Another thing that disappointed him was that he was forced to bury his dream of becoming world champion this year with EVOS. The team’s unilateral decision to expel him made Zeys feel less appreciated.

“I would love to get the M5 with EVOS, but the decision is not mine,” he says.

He continued to express, “To be honest I’m tired when this fate has to be in the hands of other people, it feels like I’m helpless.”

But the 28-year-old coach confirmed that this would not be the last time he will play the role of a maestro, he will still be involved in the MLBB universe.

“This is not goodbye forever, I will stay in the professional MLBB scene. We’ll see which team I move to,” he concluded.

A series of achievements and a wealth of experience are sufficient evidence to confirm Zeys’ abilities. Wherever he ends up, his new team will not lose out to bring in a coach with a collection of world titles in his trophy cabinet.

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