A fierce battle ensued, but ONIC Esports had to settle for being relegated by ECHO to the lower bracket M4.

After RRQ Hoshi, another Indonesian representative in M4 World ChampionshipsONIC Esports, also had to settle for going down to the lower bracket after falling to ECHO with a score of 3-1 in the upper bracket semifinal match which was held at the Tennis Indoor Stadium, Senayan, on Thursday (12/1/2023).

Exciting fight presented in this match. However, ECHO managed to emerge victorious thanks to their great performance as a team, as well as the ferocity of their roamers and goldlaners, Yawi and BennyQT.

BennyQT and SanFord ravaged ONIC Esports’ defense

Credit: ONE Esports

In the first game, this battle was tight. ONIC briefly took control of the game, but ECHO managed to turn things around and made them successful against Kairi et al.

ECHO using Fredrinn jungler in KarlTzy’s hands really had an impact on the team’s play. Apart from that, the Filipino representative also got Joy for SanFord which is so often banned on the M4.

These two players can more or less be called playmakers for their team. But one cannot forget the great game of Melissa from BennyQT who was so safe and deadly for ONIC.

The use of momentum heroes like Grock and Khufra for Butsss and Kiboy also didn’t help ONIC too much to be able to get the moment to turn things around. As a result the snowballing that is done is getting bigger and harder to solve.

An initiation from ONIC in the 19th minute was the end of their resistance. Had succeeded in dropping Joy, but all of their source skills had been used and successfully reversed by the opposing players.

This makes ECHO’s advantage even greater and difficult to reverse. Especially after they managed to win the team fight to fight over the fourth Lord which made ONIC have to give up in the 23rd minute with a kill score of 18-12.

Kairi gives goosebumps, ONIC Esports balances ECHO

Source: Muhammad Talhah/ONE Esports

In the second game, ONIC succeeded in minimizing the META heroes from falling into ECHO’s hands, although Karrie still escaped into the grip of her opponent. However, Kairi et al also get the often contested Kaja.

However, there are some surprising picks from ONIC, such as Moskov goldlane and Hayabusa jungler that don’t usually appear on M4. However, they were able to take control of the game.

Even though ONIC was able to dominate the early, ECHO was also able to get up and turn things around. ONIC was also in a bad situation because their defense was also in shambles.

However, ONIC managed to get back up and destroy the gameplay and set up of the opponent thanks to Kairi’s Hayabusa outplay. This successfully became the first time he was wiped out, making all the heroes of the Pope team in a team fight in the 20th minute and made ONIC win with a score of 21-17 kills.

Kairi was the target for tires, ECHO dominated the third game

Source: Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

In the third game, ECHO conducted a contest by making Kairi’s Assassin haros become ban targets. Fanny, Hayabusa, and Ling were all eliminated in the first pick and ban phase.

This forced Kairi to play a Tank jungler with Barats. As a result, the outplay game from the player from the Philippines did not appear.

From time to time, ECHO managed to dominate the game. This was not able to be reversed by ONIC so that it can be said that they were able to win easily in the 11th minute with a kill score of 20-9.

Beatrix BennyQT and Chou Yawi are too spicy, ECHO follows Blacklist

Mobile Legends, MLBB, ECHO, M4
Credit: ONE Esports

In the fourth game, a fierce battle ensued. The two teams knocked each other out, but ONIC Esports was able to take control of the game with a fairly high net worth advantage.

This advantage gave ONIC the chance to win this match. In fact they managed to ravage the opponent’s defense, just after obtaining the first Lord.

However, surprisingly the team nicknamed the Super Team managed to rise. This is to some extent due to the great game from Yawi playing Chou and BennyQT with his Beatrix.

Yawi, who is known for his Chou game, managed to show his great game. Regardless of the opponent, the hero he could kidnap with his Way of Dragon succeeded in crippling ONIC.

Mobile Legends, MLBB, Yawi, ECHO, M4
Credit: ONE Esports

Little by little the MPL PH S10 runner-up managed to put ONIC under pressure after winning the team fight for the third Lord in the 18th minute. The fall of several ONIC heroes made them choose to put pressure on the midlane, but it didn’t end in the end game.

Only after applying pressure with the third Lord in the 21st minute, ONIC was no longer able to hold it down. The victory was won by ECHO with a kill score of 25-17, where BennyQT was the star with a KDA of 11/2/8.

This result made ECHO succeed in dropping ONIC to the lower bracket of the M4 playoffs, as well as following Blacklist International to compete in the upper bracket finals. Meanwhile, ONIC will face The Valley in the lower bracket.

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