The WSL Season 6 Playoffs are coming up soon.

The WSL Season 6 Playoffs are right around the corner. Many interesting things have happened in the regular season, especially regarding the MLBB Ladies scene which has begun to transform in this new season of WSL.

Bigetron Era as the reigning champion may still be undefeated. They achieved a record of seven consecutive wins in the regular season and proves that there is no team that can compete with them.

However, the changes made by GPX Basreng and RRQ Mika, as well as the improvements in MBR Delphyne, Nigma Galaxy, plus surprises like Tiger Wong Seiren prove that the MLBB Ladies scene is still worth discussing.

There are six teams that will fight in WSL Season 6 playoffswhere Tiger Wong Seiren immediately managed to feel the stage and forced Aura Phoenix and FOES Win not to qualify for the playoffs.

List of WSL Season 6 playoff teams

  • GPX Basreng
  • Bigetron Era
  • RRQ Mika
  • Delphine MBR
  • Nigma Galaxy
  • Tiger Wong Seiren

Time of holding and format

The WSL Season 6 Playoffs will take place over three days, namely February 3 – February 5. On the 3rd and 4th there will be three matches each, while on the last day there will be a lower bracket final and a grand final.

The upper and lower final phase uses BO5, then the grand final uses BO7. While the previous phase still used the BO3 system.

How to watch

The WSL Season 6 Playoffs will be held offline at the Liga Game Arena. This means that you fans can watch the action of the best female players at the venue.

However, those who can’t attend can still enjoy it at YouTube WSL.

WSL Season 6 playoff schedule

Day 1

Team Hours/Results Team
RRQ Mika Delphine MBR
Nigma Galaxy Tiger Wong Seiren

Day 2

Day 3

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