Win PBNC and PBLL 2022, COMEBACK Team & OP3K Team Ready to Advance to PBIC 2023 Thailand

Tournament esports National level Point Blank, Point Blank National Championship (PBNC) 2022 has reached its peak. Team AMUNRA COMEBACK SHZ EGK has officially become Champions after getting ahead of the team OP3K XFIRE in the final round of PBNC 2022 with a score of 2-1 during PBNC’s last game on Sunday, 12 February 2023. This is the first PBNC title for the COMEBACK team.

PBNC and PBLL 2022 are also the end of a series of tournaments esports Point Blank on a national scale this time.

Next there will be an international scale tournament, Point Blank International Championship (PBIC) 2023 which is located in Thailand. According to PBNC policy this time, Champion And Runner Up PBNC 2022 will go to PBIC 2023.

Thus, team AMUNRA COMEBACK SHZ EGK and OP3K XFIRE also entitled to a seat to compete in Bangkok, Thailand on the date March 17-18, 2023 will meet with representative teams from various countries at PBIC 2023.

Besides pocketing a ticket to Thailand, the AMUNRA COMEBACK SHZ EGK team also brought home a trophy Champions PBNC 2022 as well as money of Rp. 300 million and the XFIRE OP3K Team even though they have to be satisfied with being Runner Up PBNC 2022they are also entitled to take home a cash prize of IDR 50 million.

On the last day of PBNC 2022, news also came of the tournament esports princess special, Point Blank Ladies League (PBLL) 2022 which had ended in a team win Guardian Evil Neverland713 who officially won the title Champions.

The champion managed to defeat iBOSS Helish Conqueror XYZ in the final round. Guardian Evil Neverland713 won with a score of 2-1 from iBOSS Hellish Conqueror XYZ at the end of the PBLL 2022 Grand Final.

For their achievements, the Guardian Evil Neverland713 team brought home the PBLL Champion trophy and IDR 50 million in cash. While as runner upthe iBOSS Hellish Conqueror XYZ team won a prize of IDR 25 million.

Will the AMUNRA COMEBACK SHZ EGK and OP3K XFIRE return to triumph in the international arena? Always stay tuned for the latest news from the scene esports Point Blank!