MPL ID S11 ticket prices are up for debate!

MPL ID S11 ticket prices have been revealed. There is a big enough difference and makes the fans frown especially about the increase that occurred.

The prestige of MPL ID is getting bigger every season. As the COVID Pandemic has decreased drastically, MPL ID’s offline performances have become regular entertainment for MLBB fans every weekend.

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The desire to watch MPL live and meet idols is huge. You can see how the tickets for the MPL ID S10 playoffs were selling out long ago, also on M4 where tickets for almost all sectors ran out before the playoffs even started.

MPL realized that their tournament was at a different level of enthusiasm, so changes were made. The venue has definitely changed.

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The Sanctuary Kuningan is the new venue for MPL ID S11. It has a bigger arena and of course a much bigger audience capacity.

Even so, the audience is aware that now it is not easy to watch MPL ID S11. Especially when it comes to rising prices, if you want to watch it in a close position like the MPL Arena.

MPL ID S11 ticket prices increased, why?

If anyone isn’t aware, the MPL ID S11 ticket price has indeed gone up. There are those that cost the same as last season, namely IDR 50,000, but at this price you can only watch from the stands, aka the Legend sector.

Meanwhile, if you want to watch in front of the stage exactly like the MPL Arena, you have to spend IDR 100,000 per game. This means that if you want to watch the most matches in full one day (Saturday 4 matches), you have to spend IDR 400,000!

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At the press conference MPL ID S11, Azwin Nugraha as the PR Manager of Moonton spoke about this. He believes that this price increase will not have a big effect on the audience.

In addition, the figure who is also a content creator on the OmOmMoonton account on Tiktok revealed why The Sanctuary became the new venue.

“This is base on learning as well. Everything is decided based on the lessons from the previous season. Why can the MPL ID S11 ticket prices go up? Because the demand is increasing and the audience has the ability to pay for it,” he said.

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“Before we made a decision (changing the venue) there must have been a number of things that had been learned, observed from the previous (venue). There is feedback from stakeholders, our audiences as well and we also made a survey as an example.”

“And how did we see the interest in the previous season, learn from it. The choice at that time fell on The Sanctuary in Kuningan, it was indeed fit for our audience as well. It is strategically in the middle, getting there is not jammed here, it is not jammed, it is strategic and easy to reach, transportation is safe and easy to get to, that’s all,” he concluded.

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