What is Point Blank

If you are included gamers old, of course you are no stranger to what Point Blank is. Games it was so popular a few years ago and became one of the most played. The author himself is one of his fans.

When you play this game, the atmosphere of shooting war is like shooting firstpersonshooter (FPS) it will feel so thick. Lots player spend hours to play games it’s because of the fun. So, so you’re not curious, let’s get to know more about what Point Blank is!

Development PointBlank in Indonesia can be said to be very good. Not just enthusiasm player who plays games only this, but his achievements are quite flashy. Some time ago, the Point Blank team from Indonesia won the world championship, and that is very proud of course.

What is Point Blank?

What is Point Blank

Point Blank is games genere first person shooter (FPS) which was developed directly by a company from South Korea, Zepetto. The company is also in control when it comes to publications games this.

In this game, there are two teams that beat each other to become the winner. The concept seems to be based on the background story of this game.

Point Blank Background

Point Blank has an interesting background story, where social problems are the cause. Starting with the increasing number of immigrants who have difficulty getting jobs, they do various ways to stay alive.

They carry out actions that lead to crime by robbing and distributing illegal drugs. Until finally, formed an organization named Free Rebels.

The organization appears to be in conflict with the government. From the government side finally decided to form a special organization named CT-Force (Counter Terrorist Force). This organization was formed specifically to deal with terrorists (Free Rebels).

In gameplay-the two teams will have different roles. One team plays Free Rebels, which is marked in red. And one more team is the blue CT-Force (Counter Terrorist Force).

Currently, Point Blank has servers in various countries, such as Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, the United States, Brazil and several other countries. As is servers in many countries, gameplay Point Blank certainly will not experience many disturbances. This is what makes games This has been very popular in recent years.

Point Blank Indonesia

What is Point Blank

Gemscool plays a big role in bringing games this to Indonesia. Point Blank was officially released in our country in 2009. That is, only one year after its first release in the country of origin games That is South Korea.

When it first entered the Indonesian market, Point Blank immediately caught a lot of attention gamers. Until finally started to play a lot and become games children’s favorite internet cafe (warnet).

After a few years, a lot player start switching from games Counter Strike: Global Offensive to Point Blank. Because indeed, the game made by Zepetto is available for free, so it makes many people interested.

The development of this game was so fast at that time, because it was supported by facilities that were easy to get. At that time, player who want to play Point Blank do not have to have PC themselves, they prefer to play in internet cafes. That way, they can form a team to play together.

Turning to 2015, where the management of Point Blank in Indonesia was taken over by Garena. Since then, various improvements have been made game servers considered problematic. Garena also has the determination to improve the experience in playing Point Blank.

Garena’s desire to improve games this is apparently not supported by some player-his. Lots player using illegal programs (cheats) what makes games it’s not competitive anymore. Not a little player PB finally retired for this reason.

Until finally, in January 2018 Point Blank was released by Garena. And management back into the hands developersthe name is Zepetto. But don’t worry, you can still play games this easily in Indonesia and a lot PB tournament which are held..

Favorite Game Mode

What is Point Blank

After discussing the history of Point Blank, we will continue with our favorite game modes games this. Point Blank has several game modes to choose from, and the following are the most frequent choices.


In this game mode, player must be able to kill the enemy to get score. The team that gets the most score will be the winner. The challenge is that the game time is limited so you must be able to finish off the enemy immediately.

Bomb Mission

For this mode, the Free Rebels and CT-Force teams have different goals. Where the goal of the Free Rebels team is to blow up the area that is commonly called bombsite. While the CT-Force is the other way around, that is, to prevent the Free Rebels from detonating bombsite.

Destroy Mission

When playing mode destroy missions, player must be able to destroy objects that have become targets. Speed ​​is needed to play in this mode.

Apart from the several game modes above, there are also several other modes such as Madness, Eliminate, Shotgun Mode, Sniper Mode, Defense Mission and much more.

Favorite Character

What is Point Blank

When playing Point Blank, player freely choose the available characters. However, there are several characters that are the most often chosen, the following are among them.

López Rica

There is an interesting story behind this female character, where she used to be a member of the CT-Force. But because of the wrong accusations against him, he finally defected to the rebels, namely Free Rebels. This character is synonymous with brown hair with a red top and wearing a skirt.

Vipers Red

This character is said to have good fighting skills. His resistance to attacks is fairly good, thanks to his father’s upbringing. The appearance of this character is so beautiful, even though it looks tomboyish. He wore long, torn jeans and a brown hat that became his trademark.


This character is a member of the Free Rebels organization, because he is originally from immigrants. The Tarantula’s appearance is similar to that of a female soldier who is involved more gruesomely. This character has the characteristic of wearing a head covering with large glasses attached.

Advantages of Point Blank

What is Point Blank

The popularity of Point Blank has not faded to this day. Not a few teams or communities are actively playing this game. So, what are the advantages that make many people still like Point Blank?

The first advantage games this is in its many game modes. Each mode has different advantages, and the most exciting is of course the mode online matches.

before playing, player can determine the location or arena for battle. Point Blank has several arenas including Under 23, Taipei City Mall, Grand Bazaar, Burning Hall and many more.

Point Blank also has features clans, where player join or form clans alone. When a clans, can later try to fight with clans other.

For those of you who like the weapons inside games, Point Blank provides a lot of tablets. Some of them are like AK-47, MP7, Sniper Rifle, P90 and many more.

With this article, it is hoped that you will know what Point Blank is, so you can’t just play it. Information about a games it’s really fun to know. Especially regarding its history to be as popular as it is today.