What is Apex Legends?

Do you already know what Apex Legends is today? Apex Legends is a title esports newcomer to the genre battle royale with system free to play (F2P). Eight hours after its launch, Apex Legends took the world by storm esports for its success hype and get 2.5 million players.

The presence of Apex Legends once dominated the market esports on various channels stream, beating out the previous popular titles. Call it Dota 2 and CS: GO, legendary titles in esportseach of which has already given birth to many pro player.

When Apex Legends was still green, you still had many opportunities to start “investing” when forging skills.

But, before all that, as a new player, what makes the title different games This is compared to genre battle royale other? How do you keep these new players coming back?

So, this is what we will discuss below, starting from the background of the story, up to gameplay unique Apex Legends.


The story of Apex Legends starts from the continuation of the world of Titanfall, in a distant outer space civilization where hundreds of years ago there was a major conflict between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Frontier Militia.

This conflict is referred to as The Frontier War. After this conflict ended with the “defeat” of the IMC, both parties withdrew all their weapons and technology, so that this area became neglected.

As a result of the war, although Frontier residents feel peace, they are no longer able to continue their lives there. Those who dare to do relocation to the edge of the Frontier, ie Outlands.

In the Outlands, a place untouched by the effects of war, and rich in natural resources, there is a culture of settling problems with a match. bloodsport. The match is Apex Games.

Apex Games are followed by various groups from explorers, to criminals; and they all want to seek wealth, power and fame.

Apex Legends universe

So in this Apex Legends story, they fight to pursue their own ambitions. So, now we have an idea about the meaning of the word Apex from this title. What about the origin of the word Legends?


In Apex Legends, the characters we play, we call them Llegends. Each of these characters certainly has skills and abilities different styles, as well as unique character and dialogue designs. This aspect of characterization is very different from the battle royale genre in general, where each character that is played has one skills and abilities the same, although we can change the outer appearance.

The unique delivery of dialogue from each of these characters can make players interested not only in abilities of this character, but also on his traits and personality. When on games RPG some people usually choose a character who has a cool appearance so they don’t get bored playing; in games genre First Person Shooter (FPS) this, most of the time we can’t see much about our appearance.

Voice line is an opportunity for each character to be able to express himself without disturbing us as players to control the characters in the game. Type voice line here are very diverse, ranging from the funny to the strict and serious. These variations can certainly enrich the sensation of playing.

Legends |  Apex Legends

The uniqueness of each abilities owned by Legends will also create a unique role in the team. Just like genres MOBAApex Legends emphasizes the ability of a team to cooperate in using abilities each character.

To see what are the characters or the legends can be selected by list abilities them, you can learn from the link this.

With features abilities unique in each character, new players who are not familiar with the battle royale mode, can feel contributing to the team just by using abilities their character. This is one of Apex Legends’ strategies to attract new players who are not familiar with the battle royale mode.

Game mechanics Apex Legends


Starting from the system ping in Apex Legends which is very useful in communicating to teammates. When compared to other battle royale titles, or to some games of the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) genre, system ping in Apex Legends is simply amazing.

Apex Legends Ping

Usually at most games another, if we make ping to a location, we only show place, distance or location signals, and not all team members can clearly see what is shown.

But in Apex Legends, when we ping towards the enemy, our character automatically immediately recognizes what he sees, and conveys that there is an enemy, while saying voice line that are contextual to conditions, such as the location of weapons, ammunition, armor, and other things. By holding the button ping more specific options will come out to communicate with our friends.

System ping here is one aspect that is praised by many players. Simple, but very expressive.


Besides ping, there are more elements in battle royale games that are also made simple to win the interest of players who are less interested in this genre. The inventory system here has provided many slots from the start so that new players can focus more on planning strategies rather than thinking about their nearly full inventory.


There’s more mechanical stuff about snipers. Weapon snipers famous because it is very difficult to implement properly into games battle royale, especially because it’s wide folder very large and lots of open area.

Many battles are fought over great distances. In situations like these weapons like snipers will be clearly far superior to use compared to other weapons.

Because snipers known as damage the big ones and the high accuracy, to balance this out, mostly games make bullets snipers have travel time so there are some delayed when we shoot until our bullet hits the target, or the bullet turns slightly downwards if it shoots at a distant target.

With mechanics like this, many players have trouble predicting where the bullets will land because they have to predict carefully feelingno skills player.

To answer this challenge, Apex Legends presents a system dynamic crosshair which helps us in predicting the landing point of the bullet without making this weapon too easy to use long distances.

Like the video example above, rangefinder in our weapons are constantly changing according to the distance from the object we are aiming at. The farther the object is, the image is from rangefinder we’re also going to change it to be longer down.

By matching between the numbers written on rangefinder with location scope us, we will more easily predict the path of our shots. This technique requires skills real from the player,no longer based on factors feeling or guesswork.


After discussing the technical details of gamesnow we will discuss the outline of the game Apex Legends.

Each round starts with a maximum of 20 squadand every squad consists of a maximum of 3 people, with each character having abilities unique. Here, players will be forced to work together with fellow team members.

Start the game with freefall

As the success traditions of each battle royale genre otherwise, at the start of the round each player will free fall from the top of the arena. Each player is free to choose when to start plunging and can direct where they land. After that, everyone started doing looting as a preparatory stage before fighting the enemy.

Apex Legends jumpmaster

However, of course, as good team members, we must be able to coordinate with our team members to discuss when we will start jumping out so that we are not too scattered at the start of the game.

In each team, there will be 1 person in the team who can be given the position as jumpmasterr. It functions to lead its other members to automatically follow when it will jump out, follow its movements in the air until it lands.

Explore the map

After landing, we will feel how it’s different movement in Apex Legends, particularly in providing options to explore the map. Movement system or movement in Apex Legends gives a lot of freedom for players to choose the route of travel, starting from the system no fall damage who encourage us to use the route from high ground without fear of dying if we fall; speed sliding character that follows the momentum the speed our character descends from zipline; and many more systems movement which exists.

Apex Legends Zipline Gun

Even though system movement this is easy for everyone to do, lots of other little tricks to maneuver movement this basis to move the player even faster. This maneuver certainly requires skills players to be mastered to the fullest.


For now, the available map name is Kings Canyon only. This map has various interesting locations such as military buildings, slums, rivers, and others. Party ddeveloper from Apex Legends announced that they have plans to release another map, but did not specify.

Against the enemy

Apex Legends Map

In the game, when our HP is finished by the enemy, our character will change to downed state, this makes our character crawl slowly and can’t use weapons against enemies.

In this condition the character can still contribute to the team even though he can’t shoot enemies like giving ping towards the enemy to show their location to our friends. After slowly crawling to another, safer place, we can be-revive by team members or use revive items on yourself.

Apex Legends in esports

Less than a week after its release, this title has attracted a lot of organizational attention esports from all over the world. They immediately formed a team esportseach one.

A month after its release, the organization gaming RNG announced that they are opening registration for players and contentcreators Apex Legends. The name of this RNG group is well known in circles from CS:GORocket League, Fortnite to Clash Royale.

If we discuss statistics, Apex Legends in its first week has managed to get 31 million watch hours on Twitch. Compare that to the illustrious tournament The International from Dota 2 which has been famous for a long time can only reach 35 million watch hours. What a fantastic number for a newcomer title.

For now, just like other battle royale genre titles, Apex Legends does not yet have a giant tournament that is directly supported by the developer, such as Riot Games with League of Legends, or Blizzard with StarCraft 2 and Overwatch.

However, potential esports in Apex Legends has been seen since the beginning, and it is very likely that in the future there will be an annual competitive league or tournament that continues to produce stars esports.

(Edited by Satya Kevino; Image source: Electronic Arts)