PBIC 2023 International Pass

PBIC 2023 International Pass offers 12 items permanent and hundreds of prizes for players to claim. With a new concept, Battle Pass this time will introduce various weapons Job Series with concept Archers (Archer) as well as an introduction to his presence Point Blank International Championship 2023 in Thailand in March. Let’s complete your collection!

PBIC 2023 International Pass is present at Point Blank for players who like to collect weapons and items. PBIC 2023 International Pass raised the theme Archersthe concept of a mysterious archer mixed with ancient fantasy stories.

As Battle Pass previously, PBIC 2023 International Pass also comes with a myriad of prizes in the form of items new that is no less interesting than seasons ago. There are 12 permanent items characters, weapons, itemsand hundreds of other prizes that can be obtained troopers.

How to get PBIC 2023 International Pass

Period Pre order PBIC 2023 International Pass will be open from date January 10-16, 2023. PBIC 2023 International Pass It comes in two versions namely, Free and Premium. Each offers a different number and type of prizes.

Through PBIC 2023 International Pass version Free, troopers can get gifts for free. But by doing upgrades via purchase PBIC 2023 International Pass, troopers can get rewards which is more attractive with more numbers.

By following Pre order PBIC 2023 International Pass, troopers can get Battle Pass Premium at low prices.

The trick, simply by buying items Battle Pass Pre-Sale Tickets for 7,700 PB Cash at in-game shop, troopers will automatically gain access Premium on January 17, 2023 after schedule maintenance routine.

Price items it’s 30% cheaper than the price Battle Pass Premium when it officially opens next, so troopers can’t miss this opportunity.

Prize List PBIC 2023 International Pass

Series Archers from Battle Pass this time presenting 12 items permanent and hundreds of additional prizes. Here is a list permanent items that can be obtained troopers:

  1. Character Archer Caiman Gray (Normal)
  2. Character Archer Wolf (Normal)
  3. M1928 Thompson Ext. Archers (Durability)
  4. Archer Crossbow (Durability)
  5. Archer Name Card
  6. ArcherSpray
  7. Archer Master Name Card
  8. Archer Star 1 Name Card
  9. Archer Star 2 Name Card
  10. Archer Star 3 Name Card
  11. Archer Star 4 Name Card
  12. Archer Star 5 Name Card

How to Claim Rewards PBIC 2023 International Pass

To claim prizes, players only need to level up by collecting Battle EXP as much. Battle EXP can be obtained each time completing matches or by finishing web quests PBIC 2023 International Pass.

There are 90 levels, each of which will give different prizes, depending on the type Battle Pass player.

Pre-order PBIC 2023 International Pass has started, and will be officially opened on January 17, 2023.

Prepare yourselves to follow pre order PBIC 2023 International Pass, and get various prizes from Point Blank.