The return of King Branz made the MPL ID stage vibrate.

After being absent for two seasons in the MPL ID competition, Branz was finally able to return to his actions as one of the best marksman users in Indonesia.

The last time the 22-year-old player played in MPL ID was back in the eighth season, when he failed to guide Bigetron Alpha to maximum achievement. At that time the BTR troops had to go home faster after losing in the first round of the playoffs.

After that, he changed direction to the EVOS camp, unfortunately he failed to compete as the main Gold Laner position and was forced to play in MDL.

Slowly but surely, he never gave up until he finally returned to the MPL ID stage.

Branz’s comeback to MPL made EVOS’s performance too strong

Branz's comeback to MPL made EVOS's performance too strong
Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

In EVOS’ inaugural match in MPL ID Season 11 against Rebellion Zion, King Branz received the most attention thanks to his ability to carry out the duties of a marksman.

In two consecutive games King of Marksman was able to win the Rich Guy and The Carry titles, these titles were given to the player with the highest damage and gold gain.

Not only that, a total of 20 kills and 9 assists complete the player’s brilliant record in this match.

Let’s see how amazing the action of King of Marksman is when he slays his opponents.

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