Which players and teams does VeneGod support?

Jungler Risk Velkhana, VeneGod, admits that he really follows the competitive scene of MLBB Ladies in Indonesia. She called the MOBA mobile game scene for women in the country the best and made her have several idol names.

VeneGod managed to lead Risk Velkhana to qualify for the semifinals of MWI 2023 which was held at Summarecon Mall Bekasi on Sunday (12/2/2023). However, his steps to become the best in this event had to be buried by Bigetron Era, who successfully came out as the champion.

Nevertheless, VeneGod admits that he is very pleased with the achievements of himself and his team at MWI this time, especially being able to feel the atmosphere of an offline tournament with lots of fans coming to support them. This was something that was quite rare for him when he was a pro player in the Philippines.

Apart from that, VeneGod is also quite up to date with the development of the MLBB Ladies scene in Indonesia. He also admits that he has idol players, but the best compares to which team he supports.

VeneGod idolizes Vival, but supports GPX Basreng

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Credit: Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

When met on the sidelines of the tournament, VeneGod admitted that he really liked Bigetron Era’s jungler, Vival. Because the player is seen as the most complete jungler in the MLBB ladies scene.

“I like Vival because he is very good at getting objectives and at playing his role. She really is my idol,” said the player whose full name is Venezia Corpuz exclusively to ONE Esports.

If Vival is the player he idolizes the most in the MLBB ladies scene, he mentioned quite the opposite when asked about the team he supports.

“I really support GPX Basreng and wish them all the best after always being behind BTR. I really hope they can break the BTR winstreak,” he said.

Source: WSL

However, the MLBB player whose performance the beautiful jungler from the Philippines likes the most is Wise. The Jungler Blacklist International is seen as the best player, especially in that role.

Realizing that the MLBB Ladies scene in the Philippines is currently quite behind from Indonesia, as a female player she also admits that she really hopes to get many opportunities in her country to develop her skills to be able to catch up and enliven this scene in the future.

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