Save the schedule, VCT Challengers Indonesia Split 1 is coming soon!

VCT Challengers Indonesia Split 1 is a tier 2 competition for VALORANT Indonesia after the franchise system was implemented by Riot Games for 2023.

Calling various teams outside the franchise system to compete, VCT Challengers Indonesia Split 1 is as prestigious as VCT 2022.

The opportunity to advance to international tournaments such as Masters and Champions and even to the Ascension level remains open for teams outside of VCT 2023.

With a system that remains the same as the previous year, of course all teams have a great opportunity to achieve glory on the international stage.

The following is complete information about VCT Challengers Indonesia Split 1.

VCT Challengers Indonesia Split 1 schedule and match results

Credit: Valorant Esports Indonesia

The implementation of the VCT Challengers Indonesia Split 1 was carried out in conjunction with the implementation of the 2023 VCT ​​Franchise League.

Most likely, VCT Challengers Indonesia Split 1 will be held simultaneously with other regions such as EMEA, America, LATAM, Brazil and Korea-Japan.

The full tournament schedule will start on January 7 2023 to March 12 2023. With the following rundown:

Credit: Valorant Esports Indonesia

List of teams confirmed to compete in this tournament:

1. BOOM Esports
2. Bigetron Arctic
3. DEWA United Esports
4. Alter egos
5. ARF Team
and other teams.

* Full match schedule and results will be updated later

How to watch

BOOM Esports, VCT 2023, Valorant
Credit: BOOM Esports

This tournament can be watched via the VALORANT Esports Indonesia YouTube channel and/or other channels which we will update later.

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