WSL S6 Champion, Bigetron Era sharpens many records!

Bigetron Era again showed that they still rule the Indonesian MLBB ladies scene by winning WSL Season 6, Sunday (5/2/2023), after defeating GPX Basreng in the grand final with a score of 4-0. This achievement also sharpened the record of Vivian et al.

In the first game, Bigetron Era won after dominating the whole game. In fact, GPX Basreng was actually able to provide resistance.

Even though they are not superior in terms of kill scores, Bigetron Era was able to dominate because all of their turrets were still standing firmly until the end of the game and had successfully surrounded their opponents before the late game, even though they only won around 5,000 gold.

A BTR Era attack with the second Lord in the 13th minute ended the game. Vival et al successfully brought down three GPX Basreng heroes to pave the way for destroying the base in the 14th minute with a kill score of 6-6.

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Meanwhile, in the second game, GPX Basreng was almost able to get the first point in this match. They succeeded in making Bigetron Era overwhelmed and had to play more in their own defense area.

This is due to the success of GPX Basreng in winning team fights and getting the opponent’s core heroes. However, BTR was still able to hold on well until the momentum to turn things around came.

The third Lord Battle in the 20th minute is the answer Bigetron Era has been waiting for. By playing Benedetta and in a low HP position, Vival managed to sneak in and steal the Lord from GPX’s hands and was not killed.

GPX responded to this condition with a little pressure to try to eliminate Lord as soon as possible. However, this turned out to be a blunder because they had to lose an important member before returning to base.

GPX was actually able to overcome the BTR pressure by getting two opposing heroes. However, focusing on destroying the base to become Bigetron’s objective made the game end in the 21st minute for the Robot’s victory with a score of 17-22.

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Entering the third game, Bigetron Era’s dominance reappeared, although GPX was also able to provide fierce resistance throughout the game. The two teams were able to bring each other down, even though objectively belonged to BTR.

Only in the 9th minute, GPX’s outer and inner turrets began to fall. Meanwhile, Bigetron Era’s remains untouched.

The most exciting battle of the third game occurs at the end of the game. Even though the buying and selling of attacks and long battles had taken place at the GPX base, both teams had no casualties from the opposing team, before the situation changed when CINYYY’s Xavier managed to take down Cecilion from Funi.

This made the other BTR members, who were mostly in a dying condition and had wanted to return to base, chose to reverse direction to re-apply the pressure until they succeeded in taking down four opposing heroes with only one loss.

Uniquely, this long battle was actually completed by Siege Minion aka minion carts to drain GPX base HP. Thal’s remaining Khufra couldn’t do much and the game ended in the 26th minute with a kill score of 23-16. The Robot was winning 3-0.

WSL star, MLBB ladies scene
Source: Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

This made the fourth game of the match a match point for Bigetron Era. This game was again fierce and both teams had their own chances to win.

However, the struggle for Lord in the 22nd minute can be called a determinant of the final outcome of the game. GPX, who tried to push into the Lord area that was being paid off by BTR, failed and was immediately pressured by Vival et al to get a few kills. This makes the situation lame.

Goldlaner GPX, Chincaaw, managed to drive the BTR members out of their base thanks to the massive damage he played from Melissa. However, this was not enough to save his team and the punb game ended in the 23rd minute with a kill score of 20-15.

Championing the WSL S6, Bigetron Era won the 20th title without a blemish

The success of Bigetron Era in winning the WSL S6 has made them successful in improving their previous records. One of them is being a successful team that has won this event four times in a row.

Apart from that, this WSL S6 title is also their 20th achievement while in the MLBB ladies scene. This certainly further proves that they are the rulers.

Besides that, there is another record that Bigetron Era also successfully sharpened in this S6 WSL. They succeeded in becoming a team that won the title without a blemish, aka never even losing a game throughout the season!

In other words, apart from being successful in dominating the MLBB Ladies scene, Bigetron Era also continues to grow to be even better from time to time. This also makes them able to continue to be rulers and not be chased by their opponents.

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