Underestimating Wanwan who got nerfed? Not a wise attitude, the M4 statistics are proof.

Ahead of the M4 World Championship, the marksman heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang received a touch of buff that affected the meta and the course of the battle in the Land of Dawn. Moonton seems to really intend to increase the use of marksman heroes, especially heroes who have long disappeared from the competitive scene.

In patch 1.6.18, Retribution damage reduction has been reduced. Passive jungle Hunter gets a buff for all roles except marksman but they have greater damage to the energy shield turret.

With changes like this it makes sense if we say marksman is intended to circulate more in the gold lane area, not junglers.

Prior to M4, Wanwan was nerfed for being too strong

META assassin, Mobile Legends, 515 M-World, Wanwan, Ling, Yin
Source: MLBB

Before the world class grand tournament M4 World Championship, Moonton released patch update 1.7.44 and many people considered this patch to be the confirmation of the return of the meta marksman (even though Wanwan got nerf) but not long after, the game owner released additional patches, one of which was nerf continued on Wanwan.

The reason for giving this additional nerf is not because Wanwan hasn’t gotten enough nerf to be on par with other Marksman, but because of the presence of a new item, Swift Crossbow, which is considered very profitable for her.

Tiger Pace, where the increase in damage from each Weakness applied, has now been reduced from 12 to 10 percent. Wanwan’s condition, who got nerfed to be nerfed again, is like a saying that has fallen down a ladder.

M4’s stats showed that pro players dared not underestimate Wanwan

After getting quite a lot of nerfs, has Wanwan become forgotten in the Land of Dawn? Can we underestimate the hero? On paper this is so, but the reality in the Land of Dawn says otherwise because the Agile Tiger is still seen as scary.

Statistics up to the fifth day of the M4 World Championship play-off round show this because Wanwan is the hero with the most bans, pay attention to the table below.

WANWAN 8 8 0 61 61 0
The pro players on M4 dared not underestimate the female.
Credit: M Talhah/ONE Esports

The record above shows that Wanwan’s Pick+Ban (P+B) ratio is 100 percent, which means that every time he appears, the team always makes a decision between banning or picking him. In other words, Wanwan is included in the priority pick and or ban strategy for each team.

Of course this is not without reason, Wanwan with the various nerfs she has been given is still an agile marksman hero who is difficult to catch and conquer. Not to mention that his ultimate attack still feels lethal so it’s very useful and feared in team fights.

So, is public rank still willing to belittle Wanwan when the pro players in M4 don’t even dare to do it.

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