The Aura Fire MPL ID S11 roster is without a new face, but that doesn’t mean it’s without changes.

The Aura Fire MPL ID S11 roster has been officially announced. From the row of players that were presented, there were no new faces coming to the team and instead some had disappeared.

The announcement of the Aura Fire MPL ID S11 roster was revealed directly by the organization by uploading a video on their official YouTube channel on Friday (27/1/2023).

The following is a list of the Aura Fire MPL ID S11 roster:

  • God1va (Roamer)
  • Kabuki (Goldlaner)
  • High (Jungle)
  • Fluffy (EXP Laner)
  • Facehugger (Midlaner)
  • Caid (Goldlaner)
  • Reza (Coach)
  • CL (Analyst)
  • Pretty Boy (Manager)

The list of names above shows that there are no new players brought in by Aura Fire to face MPL ID S11. Even when compared to the previous season’s roster, there was one player missing.

The player in question is Druu. The reserve roamer in MPL ID S10 did not appear in the team roamer announcement video which might make the player start the season with their MDL team.

Mobile Legends, MLBB, Roster Aura Fire MPL ID S11
Credit: Youtube/AuraTV

The changes that have occurred are only in the line of coaching staff. Aura Fire appointed the coach of their MDL team, CL, to become an analyst to replace FiftyOneFifty to accompany Reza Pahlevi who this time acted as coach to replace Tezet.

Finally in the position of team manager, this position is held by Pretty Boy to replace Frengers.

What makes the new faceless Aura Fire MPL ID S11 roster

Aura Fire, Mobile Legends, MLBB, Aura Fire, MPL ID S10 Playoffs
Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

Until the video for the announcement of the Aura Fire MPL ID S11 roster was broadcast, they were the only team that had announced their line-up without any new players. It’s different from other teams that have also announced their line-up of players so far, such as Team RRQ and Alter Ego.

It’s surprising to see that Aura Fire doesn’t bring a new face to the roster, but this is certainly done on the very foundation of a very strong team management and coach.

If you look at Aura Fire’s roster in the last two seasons, where they have managed to rise from adversity, there have never been any changes made, especially in their main line-up. God1va, Kabuki, High, Facehugger, and Fluffy have always been top staples.

Source: ONE Esports

In addition, in the last two seasons, Aura Fire has always been able to become the top three at the end of the season. This means that their main line up does have great potential and is believed to only need the next opportunity to get even better results.

On the other hand, bringing new players into the team can also be a double-edged sword. On the one hand these players can bring new things to the team, on the other hand the other players will need time to adapt and build new chemistry.

It will be interesting to look forward to what achievements Aura Fire will be able to get in MPL ID S11. Can they enter the top two in order to qualify for an international tournament for the first time, even become champions, or are they no better than before? We’ll just wait.

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