Who will be selected to the Indonesian PUBGM National Team roster at the SEA Games 2023 Cambodia?

The preparations for the Indonesian PUBGM National Team for the SEA Games 2023 Cambodia are approaching the deadline for carrying out the National Selection (Seleknas) for either Squad or Solo.

Involving tens or even hundreds of names in the National Selection process, the three coaches selected S1NYO, Capt and NaTiC really tried to select the best names that would later depart for Cambodia.

Certainly different from last year, the same hope is the mission of the best boys in the Indonesian PUBGM National Team to gain gold in all numbers.

S1NYO as a coach at the INA1 PUBGM Indonesia national team stated, he faced a different level in the National Selection, especially taking care of the tier-1/star players there.

“To handle the (roster) superstars, maybe discussing the club or management of each one can be said to be more difficult. But because this case is more about defending the country or as a representation of the Indonesia Nation Team, so from the start we have instilled it in the mindset or into them that we are not too burdened/difficult to handle them in this National Selection,” said S1NYO.

Meanwhile Capt appreciated all the players who had undergone the National Selection process where he assessed that the enthusiasm of all athletes really represented the Indonesian PUBGM National Team athletes. At the end, he said it all back to each coach to determine the best 4 or 5 names that will depart.

BTR LiQuiD | Credit: PB ESI

“The atmosphere is really competitive. I really appreciate the enthusiasm for the players who were called to be the National Team athletes. So far, 99% of those summoned can represent national athletes, it’s just a matter of how we choose to be the top 4 or 5 who will go to Cambodia,” continued Capt.

So, what will the Indonesian PUBGM National Team roster look like? Who will be chosen? Or what is the progress of each trainer so far?

Capt explained the roster grid of the Indonesian PUBGM National Team which were included in the INA1 and INA2 categories

PUBGM Indonesia National Team, SEA Games 2023, SEA Games, PUBG Mobile
Credit: PB ESI

Furthermore, the national team coach Jendra “CaptWahyudi explained that there were specific criteria or roster grids for the Indonesian PUBGM national team, both INA1 and INA2.

According to Capt, most of the INA1 roster were the victorious rosters of the Indonesian PUBGM National Team at the previous Vietnam SEA Games. Meanwhile, the selected INA2 roster is a young/new player who will make his debut for the National Team but has qualities that rival the level of competition in Southeast Asia.

“(roster) INA1 was mostly (selected) based on Indonesia’s defending champion yesterday in Vietnam. For the INA2 (roster), I will try to bring a new color with young players with characteristics that I believe can compete at the Southeast Asian level,” continued Capt.

“INA1’s (roster) uses a defending champion where the mentality of the roster has been tested, it already has goals (targets). But I choose to bet on these young people (INA2) to be able to get results that are not just gold, but gold domination. The distance between gold and silver is far, hopefully it can be done by the children (INA2),” he said.

S1NYO again added that the challenges faced by the trainers at the National Selection stage included choosing the composition of the Indonesian PUBGM National Team roster based on the strengths and weaknesses of each as well as the achievements and flying hours they had achieved with their respective teams.

PUBGM Indonesia National Team, SEA Games 2023, SEA Games, PUBG Mobile
Credit: PB ESI

“If you say that there must be difficulties, again the 9 names that we will call are the best of the best players in Indonesia for now. There will definitely be difficulties, each of them has advantages and disadvantages, each of them has achievements and flying hours in their respective teams,”

“So we have to be more critical in assessing every thing they do. Each of the advantages and disadvantages they have until finally we put together the best puzzle to represent Indonesia at the SEA Games 2023 Cambodia later, “concluded S1NYO.

Who is seen in the national selection of the Indonesian PUBGM National Team?

Based on monitoring from the Secretary General of PB ESI, Frengky Ong, at least there are several names that might be included in the INA1 and INA2 roster criteria as follows:

Credit: Franky Ong
  • Teuku”PonbitMuhammad Kausar
  • RusliBobohooTan
  • david”fanaticWijaya
  • Haikal”YummyAditya
  • leaner”LiQuiDDeusfield
  • nizar”Microboys” Lugatio Primary
  • yoga”Nerpehk0Malik Rahman
  • sharfan”potatoesShahman
  • Ryan”RosemaryRolos

Even though it hasn’t been declared as the roster for the Indonesian PUBGM National Team, everything returns to the assessment of the coaching staff and analysts who are in charge of the National Selection process.

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