The skills possessed by Arlott MLBB open up opportunities to become a bone of contention in Ranked and competitive scenes.

In the near future, Moonton will release Arlott MLBB as the newest hero to the Land of Dawn. If you look at the gameplay potential of the skills it has, this fighter hero is predicted to be a bone of contention and can be played in several different roles.

As a hero, Arlott MLBB has everything to shine in the Land of Dawn. He has a myriad of unusual crowd control (CC) skills, as well as dash skills. These two things are the main requirements for becoming a current META hero.

Now, Moonton has released what is the end result of the skills possessed by Arlott MLBB. Even though it hasn’t been explained how the damage calculation will be presented, it’s clear that this hero can be a differentiator in the game.

Details of Arlott MLBB skills

Passive – Demon Gaze

Mobile Legends, Arlott MLBB
Credit: Moonton

This passive skill will mark all enemies around and give a stun effect to the hero affected by CC, even though the skill is given by his teammates, not from him.

Meanwhile, through his second skill, Vengeance, the effect of this passive skill will present a critical strike to the intended target.

Skill 1 – Dauntless Strike

Mobile Legends, Arlott MLBB
Credit: Moonton

By activating this skill, he will slam his spear into the ground and deal physical damage to all opposing units in the area.

Dauntless Strike is a CC skill and makes the opposing unit hit by this attack stun thanks to the effect of its passive skill. The further away the target is hit, the longer the stun duration will be.

Skill 2 – Vengeance

Mobile Legends, Arlott MLBB
Credit: Moonton

Activating this skill will make Arlott MLBB do a dash to hit the target enemy unit. If the target affected by Vengeance is marked by Demon Gaze, the skill will deal critical damage, refresh cooldown, and regenerate HP.

Ultimate – Final Slash

Mobile Legends, Arlott MLBB
Credit: Moonton

Of all the skills that Arlott has, his ultimate is one of the most unique. This skill is of the CC type which can shift all opposing units within the range of this skill to his right, plus stun and physical damage.

Arlott MLBB has the potential to become an EXP laner, roamer, META jungler

Mobile Legends, Arlott MLBB
Credit: Moonton

By looking at the skills possessed, Arlott MLBB has great potential to become a mainstay and a bone of contention, both in ranking and in the competitive scene. Because he has the opportunity to be played in several different roles.

All of his abilities make Arlott MLBB seem playable in several different positions such as EXP lane, roamer, and jungler. By building item tanks, Arlott is believed to be able to make a big contribution, especially in team fights.

With all the CC skills you have, plus passives that can have an effect on your teammates’ CC skills, this can certainly be very crucial in a team fight.

As an EXP laner, Arlott has many abilities to be independent and survive longer. He can also become a reliable frontliner for his team.

Meanwhile as a roamer, Arlott also has many things to do in that role. His CC and dash skills make it easier for teammates, especially in ganking and eliminating the opponent’s momentum in team fights.

Likewise as a jungler, he has gameplay similar to Martis and Fredrinn who are currently popular. The jungler tank META would suit him perfectly.

It’s interesting to look forward to how this hero will be played, both in Rank and the competitive scene. The new Arlott will be released to Original Server on February 14th, 2023.

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