Certainly different, PB ESI explained the National Selection Scheme for PUBGM Solo SEA Games 2023 Cambodia.

The PUBGM Solo SEA Games 2023 national selection process as well as the squad and other match numbers will officially start today, Wednesday (1/2).

Some of the nation’s best male and female names have been announced on Tuesday (31/1), afternoon and it seems that the 2023 PUBGM Solo SEA Games national selection will be different.

The reason is that several names were announced to join the PUBGM Solo SEA Games 2023 national selection (which was also part of the squad) and then deleted. Raising big questions about the action.

Not without reason, it turns out that PB ESI has prepared a special scheme for the 2023 Cambodia SEA Games PUBGM Solo National Selection, according to the Head Coach of the Indonesian National Esports Team, Yohannes Siagian or Joey via GarudaKu’s Instagram account.

So, what will the PUBGM Solo SEA Games 2023 national selection scheme look like? The following is a complete explanation from Joey Siagian.

PB ESI explained how the National Selection Scheme for PUBGM Solo SEA Games 2023 Cambodia

Joey Siagian
Credit: Gamebrott

Via his GarudaKu ESI Instagram account, Joey Siagian explained that the PUBGM Solo SEA Games 2023 Cambodia national selection scheme is different from other branches.

Indeed, since it was announced to be present as the Vietnam SEA Games 2021 esports branch, PUBGM has been divided into two numbers, squad and solo.

The best son of the nation, Alan”Satar”Raynold Kumaseh managed to win a silver medal after taking a fairly steep road at the end of the day. Now, to continue Alan’s successful relay in the previous year, PB ESI plans to use a special method.

This special method is open to non-pro (public) players. Later it will be held again for pro players (PMPL players) separately.

“PUBGM Solo, we will hold a tryout for the public. It’s a series, usually (in) several maps (they) play and the top players continue to the next map to play until (the best player) has fifteen or how many tens (players) left,”

SEA Games 2021 PUBG Mobile
Alan “Satar” Raynold Kumaseh as Silver Medalist of SEA Games 2021 PUBG Mobile Individual | Credit: Indonesian Official Team (Instagram)

“Then there will also be the same scheme for pro players (from PMPL), so they are pro scene or invited. Later the pro players will also play (in) how many maps will qualify for the next round,” said Joey.

From this stage, later PB ESI will combine the best players (public and pro players) in one match where later several names that qualify will be selected on the roster list which will be decided further.

Credit: GarudaKu ESI

“In the end, (the best players from) the public and the pros will be combined (in) one map, there will be around 20 names to be monitored. It doesn’t mean that number 1 will be called right away, but it will be monitored first,” he concluded.

That is why several names previously announced for entry into the PUBGM Solo SEA Games 2023 Cambodia national selection were removed

Hopefully with this latest scheme, later Indonesia can gain better achievements at the SEA Games 2023 Cambodia, next May.

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