The PMPL 2023 point system makes the competition even more exciting and hotter!

Changes regarding the PMPL 2023 point system were conveyed by the Director of Esports PUBG Mobile, James Yang at the PMGC 2022 Grand Final event, Friday (7/1).

James Yang announced a number of things, but the most basic is the PMPL 2023 point system. As we know, in the several years PMPL has been held, the point system is one of the most important elements in a competition.

The point system can affect the playing style of a team. Both in terms of looking for placement points or even looking for kill points. These rules are absolutely drawn up before the competition rolls around and when the tournament rolls the update is immediately carried out.

Regarding the PMPL 2023 point system, PUBG Mobile Esports has again made small detail changes which are very important for the teams to pay attention to.

Not only Indonesia, but several other regions that are holding PMPL. Then, what are the details of the PMPL 2023 point system in full?

Details of changes to the PMPL 2023 point system

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Credit: PUBG Mobile Indonesia

On the first day of the PMGC 2022 Grand Final, James Yang announced several details regarding the PUBG Mobile esports event in 2023.

Apart from the series of events that Yang has announced, there have been important changes to the PMPL 2023 point system in all regions, including Indonesia. It seems that PUBG Mobile is pushing back on the point placement system that was previously implemented in 2022.

Previously, the PMPL 2022 point system was as follows:

1st: 15 5-6th: 6,4
2nd: 12 7th: 2
3rd: 10 8-12th: 1
4th: 8 13-16th: 0

Then the PMPL 2023 point system is as follows:

1st: 10 5th: 3
2nd: 6 6th: 2
3rd: 5 7-8th: 1
4th: 4 9-16th: 0

These changes are certainly very significant. James added to the media crew, if the teams have to play more aggressively and be more sluggish in looking for kill points.

PMGC 2022, PUBG Mobile
James Yang. PUBG Mobile Esports Director | Credit: ONE Esports

“With this change, we hope that the participating teams will play more aggressively by focusing on collecting kill points,” said Yang.

Of course this becomes interesting where the teams are not only burdened with the objectivity of placement points, but also have to fight with other teams and the META game possibility for all teams has changed drastically compared to before.

The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) event will most likely be held in February (for the Spring 2023 period) and the changed point system will be effective immediately. Hopefully with this change, the desire to become champions for them will be even greater.

So how’s it going guys? Are you ready to witness a hotter competition in the upcoming PMPL 2023? Let’s wait.

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