Persija EVOS is still not on the same level as Bigetron VL?

The excitement of the Persija EVOS vs Bigetron VL (Red Villains) duel colored the heat of 2023 PMPL ID Spring week 1 which has trended #1 for gaming 3 times.

In between the competition of the 20 best PUBG Mobile teams in Indonesia, the duel between 2 Indonesian ‘giant’ teams namely Persija EVOS vs Bigetron VL has indeed been anticipated.

Moreover, the Persija EVOS roster composition contains the faces of the old and legendary Bigetron roster, namely the twin duos Luxxy and Zuxxy, plus Miseryy.

The rest are EVOS Reborn Microboy and RedFace players and their trainer S1NYO plus Linxx a talented young player from GPX.

Persija EVOS, EVOS Esports, Luxxy, Microboy, PUBG Mobile
Credit: Persija EVOS

Meanwhile, the composition of Bigetron VL is the best Indonesian players such as Ryzen, LiQuiD, Satar and Svafvel supported by a young star from Malaysia, uHigh.

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Bigetron Red Villains | Credit: Bigetron Esports

It was noted that in several intense duels between Persija EVOS vs Bigetron VL, the Cyber ​​Tigers squad has yet to match the mighty power of the Red Robot troops. Why is that? Check out the following reviews.

Interesting facts behind the duel between Persija EVOS vs Bigetron VL at 2023 PMPL ID Spring

Persija EVOS, EVOS Esports, Luxxy, Microboy, PUBG Mobile player transfer market
Credit: Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

Reviewing several Persija EVOS vs Bigetron VL meeting records, there are at least two important moments that can be remembered from the duel between the two teams.

In the two duels (clash) in the match, Persija EVOS has not recorded a victory, although it is different from Bigetron VL which is superior.

This is of course a big homework for coach S1NYO to strengthen the strength of his team if he wants to turn around an already wet situation. Bigetron VL on the other hand is already eyeing the best results towards the 2nd week later.

1. Duel in the upper area of ​​Sosnovka Military Base

Since the first day, Bigetron VL humiliated Persija EVOS when they competed in the top area of ​​SMB (Sosnovska Military Base).

The split setup carried out by Bigetron VL managed to get a pickoff for players from Persija EVOS starting from RedFace. uHigh then succeeded in getting Linx, the push was carried out by the Bigetron VL team, uHigh again defeated Zuxxy.

Ryzen took over Buggy and turned into Buggyman, eliminating Zuxxy with Pan and Satar finally eliminating Miseryy as the last man standing.

2. Bootcamp Raids

Bootcamp was from the start a dropzone or area of ​​Bigetron at the time when the twin duo were still there. Now, it has been taken over by Persija EVOS.

But unfortunately, actually before the duel with Bigetron VL. Persija EVOS was eliminated by MORPH GGG on the first day at their home turf.

On the fourth day, they were tested again with the presence of the PIGMY Team. A more mature setup with better team strength, Persija EVOS managed to bring them home.

However, far from Paradise Resort, Bigetron VL immediately made a follow-up attack. Ryzen cs auto attacked Bootcamp and swept Persija EVOS easily.

With these results, of course the Persija EVOS vs Bigetron VL duel was won by Bigetron with a score of 0-2. Persija EVOS, who still haven’t found their best playing rhythm, hopefully they can still achieve comeback momentum the following week.

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