The Peak of the Battleground Door Provides Exciting Experiences with RRQ Pro Player

Together with Pintu, RRQ successfully held a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) tournament with asset prizes crypto titled Battleground Door. The climax of the Pintu Battleground event will be held lively on Sunday, 5 February 2023 at Cinema XXI Epicentrum.

As for guest stars who also enlivened the title of Pintu Battleground were Tuturu, R7, And RRQ Banana watching the team MT Legends become champion after defeating Relle Team with a score of 2-0.

Held since January 17 2023, Pintu Battleground has successfully attracted the attention of the Jabodetabek MLBB community.

A total of 512 teams esports take part in this tournament. This is inseparable from the main prize with a total of IDR 40 million.

In addition, first place to third place also get assets cryptocurrencies sponsored by Pintu.

Before the party Grand Finals was held, the Battleground Door event was opened with Sharing Session with Pintu.

On this occasion, Rayner Jonathan as Community Specialists Pintu explains various things, such as a brief explanation regarding Pintu, experiences when investing cryptoPintu application demonstrations, to expectations from the Pintu and RRQ collaboration.

The event continued with a match Grand Finals between teams from Jakarta, MT Legendsfacing representatives from Bogor, Relle Team.

In this match, MT Legends succeeded in becoming the winner of Pintu Battleground and won trophies, medals and cash prizes of IDR 7,500,000 plus Pintu’s balance.

The Battleground door continued with the handover awards and prizes for the winners. The Relle Team, which won second place, will receive IDR 3,500,000 plus door balance and medals. Then in third place there A8 Esports who get IDR 2,000,000 plus door balance and medals.

Not only that, one MT Legends player, Vansohee also won the title MVP Grand Finals and get a cash prize of IDR 1,000,000.

After the prize giving procession, the event continued with a talk with RRQ Mobile Legends players, namely Tuturu, R7, and RRQ Banana.

On this occasion, the third guest stars tells the joys and sorrows of a career as pro player and their investment experience crypto.

Then the event continues with fun matches the audience who attended with the RRQ Team. In this session, eight selected audience members were divided into two teams to play together (mabar) with Team RRQ.

This is one of Pintu’s Battleground events, because RRQ and Pintu want to provide a valuable experience for audiences to be able to play together professional players MLBB Team RRQ.