The Valley continues its positive run in the M4 World Championship.

The Valley continued their positive run in the M4 World Championship and proved they are still a force to be reckoned with.

Meeting the TODAK team, MobaZane cs was able to finish the match with a landslide score of 2-0.

This also proves MobaZane’s words which emphasized that his team was more prepared, unlike in the group stage.

Now The Valley needs to pocket two more wins if it wants to match BTK’s achievements last year.

On the other hand, TODAK’s defeat marked the end of the struggle for the Malaysian region at M4. Previously, another Malaysian representative “Team HAQ” had already been sent home by Incendio Supremacy.

The Valley’s Joy EXP Lane accompanies TODAK’s defeat

The Valley's Joy EXP Lane accompanies TODAK's defeat
Credit: Moonton

Land of Dawn’s newest mage is throwing tantrums again at M4, Joy has just been one of the biggest reasons TONO’s defeat against The Valley.

Joy’s agility and poke damage is very dangerous to the point that CikuGais cs are having a hard time maintaining formation when fighting against her.

In the duel that ended with a score of 2-0, Joy always appears as an EXP Laner, and FwydChickn successfully executes the task given by the coach to use Flash of Miracle on the EXP path.

In response to the EXP Laner’s slick performance, well-known MLBb figures in the country such as REKT and Zeys openly said that FwydChickn is The Valley’s best player who always carries the team to victory.

The success of FwydChickn also reinforces Joy’s position in the Land of Dawn hero power system. So far it has been proven that Joy can be played in many roles, either as a midlaner, jungler, or even a roamer.

The Valley will continue its journey in the lower bracket, waiting for the winner in the RRQ Akira cs Occupy Thrones match.

You can watch the whole series of M4 World Championship tournaments via the channel MLBB’s official YouTube.

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