Prepare yourselves, Free Fire x Devil May Cry 5 is ready to rule Bermuda and its surroundings!

Starting 2023 full of hope, Garena Indonesia has announced the new collaboration Free Fire x Devil May Cry 5 in February 2023.

Devil May Cry is one of the action and adventure game series that tells about the character Dante who works as a ‘Demon Hunter’. Dante has an important mission to repel invasions or attacks by supernatural forces that are trying to hit Earth.

The Devil May Cry series has been quite popular since 2001 until now. Everyone, especially gamers who are more familiar with console games, already know exactly how Dante is the main character of DMC.

Free Fire x Assassin's Creed
Credit: Garena

Before the Free Fire x Devil May Cry 5 collaboration, there have been many other interesting collaborations. Garena always presents various collaborations with famous anime series, famous stars and famous film series. Devil May Cry 5 is the second game series after the previous year, Garena also announced a collaboration with Assassin’s Creed.

Welcoming the collaboration update of Free Fire x Devil May Cry 5, Garena Indonesia stated that a series of items will be present to decorate this grand collaboration in early 2023.

“Various special items ranging from costumes, emotes and animations resulting from the combination of Free Fire and Devil May Cry 5 will be the most eagerly awaited part of this collaboration. Coming soon in the coming weeks, this collaboration is part of Garena’s commitment to always present fresh and interesting content for Survivors around the world,” wrote Garena in a release received ONE Esports.

Various things that will appear in the Free Fire x Devil May Cry 5 collaboration

Credits: Free Fire World

Along with the announcement of the new Free Fire x Devil May Cry 5 collaboration on Wednesday (11/1), a number of things that may appear will still follow the previous collaboration mode.

Things like changing the game arena with elements of collaboration, Dante-style bundles and Devil May Cry 5’s signature weapons will be a special highlight later.

So far, some of the collaboration items that will released* can be described as follows:

1. Special character bundle “Demon HuntersDante and Nero.
2. Emotes change shape”Shift-Shafting.”
3. Bundles “Evil-Dante.”
4. Weapon skins “Demon Hunters” Katana and EVO Gun AK-47.
5. Gloo Wall Devil May Cry Theme.
6. Special Animation Arriving (Special Emote entrance).

Of course we all hope that the collaboration of the Devil May Cry 5 game series can provide a new color. Especially for DMC lovers who play Free Fire, they must have been waiting for this.

Come on, let’s just wait for the various surprises and new colors that the Free Fire x Devil May Cry 5 collaboration will bring in February 2023.

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