How will FFML Season 7’s format change?

The major changes to the FFML Season 7 format have not been fully known by connoisseurs of the competitive scene in Free Fire. From time to time, the FFML format is divided into league phases, grand finals and continues to the Free Fire Indonesia Masters (FFIM).

At least in the last 3 years, this has been implemented by Garena. Since the launch of the 2020 FFML Season 1 format, there will be changes in 2023.

For example, during the implementation of the FFML Season 7 ‘Group draw’, an explanation regarding the FFML Season 7 format was introduced, for example, running for 5 weeks.

This is certainly different from the previous format where the league was held 3 weeks later it continued to the final and to the FFIM stage.

However, the big changes in the format of FFML Season 7 must be known by the whole team, fans and connoisseurs of the Free Fire scene so they can understand.

FFML Season 7, Free Fire
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What kind of big format change is meant for FFML Season 7? Will it affect the final result of the competition later? Check out the following reviews.

Bang Fayad revealed a leak of the FFML Season 7 format change

Bang Fayad, Fayad, FFML Season 7, FFML, Free Fire
Credit: Bang Fayad

Discussing the changes to the FFML Season 7 format, ONE Esports had the opportunity to chat with Bang Fayad as the new coach of GARSY Aphrodite.

As a trainer who has experience in the FFML scene, according to him, the change in the FFML Season 7 format did not really affect how he works as a trainer. Moreover, what about the performance of foster children later.

“The new FFML format is no different from the previous season. For a comeback, of course I still remember the old system and it’s not difficult to adapt. In my opinion, the new format for FFML Season 7 is fairer, because the schedule for one season is known until the end,” said Fayad exclusively.

FFML Season 7, FFML, Free Fire Esports, Free Fire
Credit: FF Esports ID

Fayad added that the change in the FFML Season 7 format would no longer determine the FFML champion from the usual league phase (group/regular champion) but from the ‘final day’ phase.

“So what is more interesting from the FFML Season 7 format for determining the champion is not from the results of the regular phase, but from the results on the ‘final day’,” he continued.

According to Fayad, the change in the FFML Season 7 format follows/adapts the FFPL format currently running in Thailand. The FFPL system implements a ‘single-competition format’ whereupon the winning team has the right to step into an international tournament.

“Adapting the single-major tournament (system) like in Thailand. We have to adapt from the best system that produces world champions,” he concluded.

Hopefully, with the change in the FFML Season 7 format, it can provide new strength for the team that won and represented Indonesia in international competitions.

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