The CS:GO Women Indonesia National Team Ends the Struggle in 3rd Place in the World!

Despite having to bury the dream to appear on Grand Finals to win the 2022 world title, the Indonesian National Team for the CS: GO Women number deserves a thumbs up.

The team consisting of real athletes has now shifted its focus to other game numbers and returned to competing in the CS: GO number specifically for world championship esports 14th IESF which is part of Indonesia Esports Summit this, won the 3rd (three) world position.

The CS:GO Women Indonesia team won the Bronze Medal consisting of:

  • Dhammamitta Marvella,
  • Aulia Brilian Putri HAC,
  • July Kusuma,
  • Risalma Agnia, and
  • Daltha Amelia Dwiguna,

The CS:GO Women’s Indonesian National Team must acknowledge strength argentine team who won 2-0. Furthermore, the Argentine team will fight for gold against another favorite team that beat Indonesia in the opening match, namely Polish team.

“Congratulations for the best achievement and struggle that has been shown by the CS:GO National Team. This is a very proud achievement for the entire Indonesian nation. They didn’t lose skills, but the opposing team is from a country with a very active CS:GO competition. The achievements they made indicate that the potential for Indonesian athletes in CS: GO Women is still very large. Hopefully with this achievement, the CS:GO competition in Indonesia can be active and lively again,” he said Head Coach of the Indonesian National Team who is also the Deputy Head of Athletes, Achievements and IT of the Indonesian Esports Council (PB ESI) Yohannes P Siagian.

Representing his teammates, Dhammamitta Marvella expressed their gratitude for the achievements they had achieved at IESF 14th The World Esports Championships.

“Thank you for the trust and coaching support that PB ESI has given us. Thank you to the trainers and thank you to all Indonesian people for their support and prayers for us.”

Tekken7 National Athletes Still Open Opportunities in Lower Brackets

Meanwhile, at the same time, after a tight first match against Thailand with a final score of 3-0 for Thailand’s victory.

Indonesian athlete in Tekken7 number, Muhammad “Meat” Adriyansyah, managed to outperform Indian athletes in the games Lower Brackets Tekken number 7 world championship esports IESSF 14th World Esports Championships 2022.

In this match, India had to admit Indonesia’s advantage with a score of 0-3.

Muhammad “Meat” Adriyansyah expressed his optimism in facing the next match.

“We have to be ready to fight anyone, including the leading Tekken7 athletes from strong countries like Thailand and Pakistan. Of course, together with my coach, I will evaluate and prepare for the next match. Please pray for all Indonesian people.”