The MPL ID S11 device is starting to be revealed and will almost certainly be different than usual.

The MPL ID S11 device is still a question mark. At least Moonton hasn’t officially announced what HP the players will be using to compete in the new season.

Seeing the experience from previous MPL to MPL, Moonton always provides the best and most comfortable device for players. The new iPhone each year is the go-to device at the venue for each team.

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It is also common knowledge that almost all MLBB players play games from iPhone devices, especially those who are pro players. Needless to say, talk about devices at the IESF WEC 2022 has surfaced.

At that time, the device used was the Samsung S22 Ultra. Actually, this device can be said to be high-end as well as the iPhone, but the players don’t seem used to it.

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This also made the Philippine national team, namely Blacklist International, use the device as one of the reasons they could not perform optimally until they were slaughtered by the Indonesian national team in the grand final at that time.

Until an interesting thing was seen on the Instagram of several MPL ID players. A strong signal that for the first time in the history of MPL ID, Samsung is not using an Iphone device.

The proof of the MPL ID S11 device is Samsung

Over the past two weeks, there have been interesting uploads from the players regarding the fact that they used different devices during training.

If you examine it more deeply, the players are now starting to train with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Even on live multiple playersalready seen the device that is used.

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This further confirms that the MPL ID S11 device is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. And this is a challenge for players to adapt mechanically and is the reason S11 will be much more interesting than before.

ONE Esports has actually contacted Moonton to ask for confirmation on this matter, but they have not been able to answer and all parties were asked to wait for the official press conference from MPL ID.

One team benefits from this new device

If there is one team that might be happy and benefit a little from the MPL ID S11 device, EVOS Legends is the answer. As we know, they have felt competitive with Samsung at the IESF WEC 2022 and managed to become champions.

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In an exclusive interview, Tazz also revealed that the potential for the new MPL ID S11 device is huge, he also believes this will be an important factor for EVOS Legends in the new season.

“We have been much more prepared to use the device that will be used later,” he said, although at that time he did not clearly reveal what the device was.

It will be interesting to see how the MPL ID teams will do using the new MPL ID S11 device. Will the performance of the top teams last, or is there even a surprise? We look forward to it together.

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