Point Blank Champion JinXPro Cup Season One

The end of 2020 is a moment of awakening clans Point Blank (PB) Indonesia. How come? After running the PB Indonesia Qualifier, it was JinXPro’s turn to invite 20 clans in the tournament esports friendship between clans.

A total of 20 clans Indonesia’s legendary Point Blank (PB) met again in the friendly tournament of the first season of the JinXPro Cup last December 26–27. Tournament organized by clans JinXPro is going pretty fierce.

PPMK and Revolt 416 to 2 clans excel in tournaments. Both of them managed to show a stunning game round after round. Uniquely, they were unbeaten throughout the qualifying round until they finally met in the fourth qualifying round.

PPMK had to accept defeat against Revolt after winning five consecutive matches in the qualifying round. In the 4th round of qualification, PPMK had to lose to Revolt 416 and had to go down to lower bracketwhile the Revolt 416 managed to continue its position in upper bracket until the grand finals.

The two met again in the round grand finals between brackets. Revolt 416 represents a champion upper bracket met with PPMK representing the champions in lower bracket.

Half grand finals took place fiercely where both of them showed an aggressive game and competed with each other non-stop attack tactics. Unlike the qualifying round, the final round was only completed by the two of them with a relatively shorter duration.

PPMK managed to regain its position, having previously lost to Revolt 416 in the qualifying round.

Revolt 416 had to accept a crushing defeat from PPMK after going through deadly attacks. PPMK managed to win the JinXPro Cup tournament with a score of 2 – 0 defeating Revolt 416.

Unexpectedly, these two champion clans won the championship position, after previously both of them lost badly in the PB Indonesia Qualifier 2020. Meanwhile, the host, JinXPro and their top team, JinXpro Maximum, had to take third place. After losing to Revolt 416 in the semifinals.

Here is a list of 20 clans Point Blank who competed in the first season of JinXPro Cup:

  • Albaria 119
  • TF2W E-Sports
  • Kingstar142
  • GnR E-Sports
  • UCOK E-Esports
  • Kamikaze Corp
  • Arikanami
  • CNW7 E-Sports
  • PPMK
  • Frankenstein 186
  • MV E-Sports
  • INEA ID320
  • Fabulous E-Sports
  • A3 Ultimate
  • Savior 198
  • Diesel
  • 7thSakura
  • Revolts 416
  • Fragnatics

While the host clan JinXPro sent two teams, namely JinXPro Maximum and JinXPro CVT.

Grand Finalist of JinXPro Cup Season One

  • Winner: PPMK
  • Second Place: Revolt 416
  • Third place : Jinxpro Maximum

Assistant Marketing Manager Wallet Codes Indonesia Megan Faustine as the sponsor also appreciated the sporty tournament. “We are also proud of the presence of twenty Indonesian legendary Point Blank clans. They really uphold sportsmanship and respect each other, bringing back the glorious memory of PC games ten years ago,” said Megan.

In addition to supporting tournaments esports and community gamersWallet Codes also helped develop the ecosystem esports others such as support for community cafe owners recently.

“Going forward, Wallet Codes will continue to be committed to supporting the ecosystem esports including the player community and internet cafe gaming,” he added.

In line with Wallet Codes, Marketing Manager Sades Indonesia Tubagus Deni also appreciated the organization and all clans participating. “This is not the first time Sades has supported the PC community gamersin the future Sades will continue to work with the community gamers to support the ecosystem esports in Indonesia,” concluded Deni.

The first season of the JinXPro Cup tournament is powered by Wallet Codes, Zepetto Interactive IndonesiaSades and enlivened by three caster famous Indonesian namely Rere Bredel, Nessa Mikoand Bang Nay.