The ups and downs of BOOM Esports didn’t make the CEO break down. Check out Gary Ongko’s motivation to keep his team alive in the competitive scene of PUBG Mobile.

BOOM Esports as one of the top tier teams now holds the title as the 2023 PMPL ID Spring champion and will compete in the PMSL 2023 tournament.

The desire to win is so great that it has been burning in BOOM Esports’ minds since last season, at 2022 PMPL ID Fall. Unfortunately, at that time they only managed to finish in 3rd place but made it to the 2022 PMPL SEA Fall.

Credit: BOOM Esports (Instagram)

Their first international stage was not as sweet as The Beasts’ expectations. They failed, even in the 2022 Esports President Cup they did not win the title. BOOM Esports chooses to improve towards 2023.

This improvement involved the separation between BOOM Esports and their old roster, Oktaa and Hexaz, as well as welcoming the new KeyMine and Ponbit rosters. Taking advantage of the new format, BOOM doesn’t waste such a big chance to win.

BOOM Esports.  2023 PMPL ID Spring, PMSL 2023, PUBG Mobile
Credit: BOOM Esports

Their 5 year wait finally paid off after fighting bloody for 2 weeks struggling to maintain their position at the top of the standings. The Beasts made history, finally the best roster arrangement produced glorious results.

All parties are happy, the players, fans, management staff, coaches, to the CEO, Gary Ongko, are proud after the long wait to win.

Struggling relentlessly in the PUBG Mobile scene, The Beasts’ steps have not always been smooth from year to year. They often change the roster with various new names. What is the motivation of the CEO to maintain their PUBG Mobile division?

A worldwide vision is the reason why Gary Ongko continues to bring BOOM Esports to exist in the PUBG Mobile scene

BOOM Esports, 2023 PMPL ID Spring, PMPL, PUBG Mobile
Credit: PUBG Mobile Indonesia

Together with JuniorJr in the Podcast on the PUBG Mobile Esports Indonesia YouTube channel, the CEO of BOOM Esports, expressed his great motivation to maintain the PUBG Mobile division from year to year with the best/worst results in each season.

Before giving his answer, JuniorJr compared BOOM Esports with other organizations that “gave up” and disbanded their PUBG Mobile division. The CEO then replied that he was not like other competitors who gave up halfway.

“No, of course not, I’m not like them,” said Gary.

Gary explained that one of the big motivations for him still maintaining the PUBG Mobile division was because he considered the PUBG Mobile game to be the best and worldwide game.

“PUBG Mobile is a game that I think is global (global). BOOM’s goals are worldwide, so I have to look for games that are worldwide. In my opinion, a global game on mobile is PUBG Mobile,” added Gary.

Globally what is meant is how PUBG Mobile continuously holds tournaments on an international scale. Since BOOM ID changed its name to BOOM Esports, Gary Ongko has dreamed of continuing to bring his team to the international stage.

We can see an example, reflecting on the success of his DOTA 2 division to Valorant and now, PUBG Mobile is showing impressive results in the eyes of the CEO.

One of the PUBG Mobile international events that impressed Gary was the PMGC or PUBG Mobile Global Championship, an international PUBGM tournament. According to him, the presence of various well-known and large organizations at the event or the region in question was the trigger for him to want his team to continue to exist.

S2G Esports, PMGC 2022, PUBG Mobile
S2G Esports as PMGC 2022 Champion | Credit: ONE Esports

“We see that the PMGC is representative of all continents, not fake. For example Russia, there is Na’Vi, then there is Brazil with various big and well-known organizations in the PUBG Mobile scene,” he said.

He added that he still maintains the PUBG Mobile division on the grounds that PUBG Mobile is aligned with the goals desired by BOOM Esports.

BOOM Esports, 2023 PMPL ID Spring, PMPL, PUBG Mobile
Credit: BOOM Ponbit

“So I feel I want to exist in this game because it suits my portfolio to achieve what I want to achieve, according to my organizational goals. PUBGM in my eyes is the division that I want to exist, so until now in my team there are 3 divisions of Valorant, DOTA 2 and PUBGM,” he concluded.

This certainly answers our question why BOOM Esports has never withdrawn from the PUBGM scene since it was first formed in 2018. Hopefully, in PMSL 2023 the success of PMPL results will be repeated for the sake of Indonesia.

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