Create massive explosions in Lotus with the best duelist agents!

The following is a list of the best duelist agents to play on the Lotus map.

As the front line of the battle, the best duelist agent is needed to maximize the team’s plan to penetrate the site or penetrate the opponent’s defense.

Being the first person on the front line, the job of the best duelist agents is to create an entry kill (first kill) to pave the way for the team to attack. With various narrow lanes in Lotus, the power of the best duelist agents provides massive explosive power to maximize site control.

Here are the full details.

The best duelist agent in the Lotus map

1. Raze

Valorant agent Raze, Valorant mobile
Credits: Riot Games

With Raze’s ability, Paint Shells Grenade can help attack narrow paths around Lotus with a big explosion. For small sites like B, Paint Shells can also be used to give explosions that can clear areas, or other small areas like A link or maybe B Upper area.

Even for fairly long lanes like A and C Main where enemies might gather to push, Paint Shells can deal damage to large HP making enemies stop attacking/defending.

Raze’s various explosive items are also very useful for attacking sites in the blink of an eye. With his way of opening the attack lane, giving so much space to make fast and aggressive movements to reach certain areas.

2. Jett

Don’t doubt Jett as one of the best duelist agents. Even though Map Lotus is not an obstacle for this agent, with the powerful Tailwind Dash, he can create a path for his team to carry out attacks and various other things in penetrating the site.

ONIC Severine
Credits: Riot Games

There are many areas that can be conquered by Jett, for example A rubble which provides a great opportunity and advantage to get a high ground position.

3. Fluorescent

Just like Jett and Raze, the way Neon moves also makes him a strong contender to use for the Lotus map. The way to move quickly makes the enemy confused and overwhelmed in several narrow areas so that the speed that Neon has makes it faster and closer to hitting the enemy.

Valorant Neon
Credit: RIot Games

At the same time, his Relay Bolt also provides a stun effect that effectively attacks narrow points in the Lotus map. Neon can clean any area or path so easily.

Neon’s High Gear Sprint also helps it to rotate quickly, a big advantage playing in the Lotus map which is so wide with 3 sites. That’s why Neon is also a mainstay in maps like Haven, which also has 3 sites in Valorant.

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