Trust your team’s defense to the following best sentinel agents.

Here is a list of the best Sentinels agents to play on the Valorant map, Lotus.

As the newest map, Lotus was introduced as a Valorant map that has 3 sites, which means it’s quite tricky to maintain.

The corridor area in the mid area of ​​the map is an important point to control. If you don’t guard that area, and you are easily recognized by your opponent, it will definitely be very detrimental to you when playing.

The importance of knowing the best Sentinels agent lines is to choose Sentinels agents who can carry out their role properly, lock the map, hit enemies when they are cornered at certain points providing important information for friends.

From the various best Sentinels agents in Valorant, here are our best choices.

The best Agent Sentinels to play on the Valorant map, Lotus

1. Killjoy

Credit; Riot Games

Without a doubt, Killjoy is the best Sentinels agent that can be used in Lotus as well as an indispensable role in Ascent.

Map Lotus provides various crucial points, especially in the B and C site areas. Killjoy can use his Nanoswarm Mollies just fine. The enemies will take huge damage there for sure then will come closer to the defenders.

KillJoy’s Turret | Credit; Riot Games

His turret can also help to monitor various invisible paths and make Killjoy visible to enemies on the battlefield.

And lastly, his Lockdown ultimate is also perfect for attacks in retake scenarios, making enemies leave the site and allowing teammates to enter to attack enemies in the area.

2. Sage

Talking about defending, then Sage is the right agent choice. Sage’s role in this map is almost the same as playing in Haven.

His Barrier Orb wall can be used to contain a B site early, repelling the enemy team’s attacks and preventing them from going to B on each path. Unless the wall is broken down, it’s possible that players can leave area B in time.

Sage - Valorant
Credits: Riot Games

The path to area C is also easy to block and the only other way to the C site is the C waterfall which requires a large number of enemies when trying to break through the defenses in area B site.

Sage’s Slow Orb can also be used at several important points in the Lotus map. Can block the enemy when pushing on a certain path, and provide space for teammates to make further moves.

3. Cypher

In attack mode, Cypher’s Tripwire is likely the best option to keep the enemy’s defense line. Unlike Killjoy and Chamber, Cypher’s traps are not limited in distance and will not die by themselves so he can always maintain control of several areas until he finally dies from an enemy attack.

The best Valorant sentinel agents
Credits: Riot Games

This is important in the default play mode, so your team can focus on pushing enemies away without worrying about being counterattacked from the other side.

When in defense mode, Tripwire is also useful for guarding certain spots that help Cypher defend certain areas such as sites from behind.

Nevertheless, Killjoy is still slightly superior with the various utilities he has compared to Cypher’s utilities.

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