All the best agent controllers that you can use on the Lotus map.

The following is a list of the best controller agents to play on the Valorant map, Lotus.

With the addition of Lotus as the newest map in Valorant, of course each player should be able to find the best concoction regarding the best Controller agent they will use.

The controller functions to prevent the enemy from carrying out sudden attacks on our team. Important actions such as Smoke, Stun to Slow are the main skills possessed by the Controller in the game.

Taking a unique theme set in India, Lotus is designed to be inspired by the best film series, Indiana Jones. As one of the best adventure and mystery films, Lotus has various mysteries as well as various interesting and eccentric spots.

Various paths save twists and turns decorated with unique ancient temple themes, Lotus is a map that offers various interesting options for attackers or defenders to freely move anywhere.

Do you want to know the best line of agent controllers in the Valorant map, Lotus? Check out the following explanation.

The best line of agent controllers in the Lotus map

1. Astra

Valorant Astra Key Art
Credits: Riot Games

With three sites on the Lotus map, Astra’s ability to cast smoke in a wider range will become easier. Especially for teams that rely more on the default strategy.

For example, Astra can play in C Mound when attacking, or help a partner take over A main with a Smoke Nebula. A main provides many view options for snipers as well as blocking enemy attacks so the team can take spots.

When defending, Astra can take advantage of various map angles that lead to B Site, block or slow down the enemy’s path by placing a Gravity Well or Nova Pulse.

2. Omen

One of Omen’s greatest powers is Dark Cover Smokes. He can smoke in the A-play area a few times or move behind A Rubble to keep pressure off defenders.

Agent valorant tier S - Omen
Credits: Riot Games

Apart from that, his Paranoia Flash can also be a useful thing in the revolving door section and provide protection for the team that will carry out the attack.

But apart from that, the B and C site areas can be the strength of the Paranoia Flash utility and make it difficult for enemies to avoid them.

3. Harbor

Agent Harbor has several abilities to block enemy views and provide access for teams to carry out attacks with High Tide and Cascade.

Reliable in the role as an attacker, Harbor can take advantage of High Tide on several occasions. Moreover, High Tide can be controlled and used for areas. In contrast to the skills possessed by Viper, Toxic Screen.

The newest Valorant agent, Harbor, Valorant
Credits: Riot Games

Harbor’s ability proves that he is a fairly flexible agent. However, he has limitations in defense. His ability can still be used when playing as a defender (defender).

4. Brimstone

The best agent controller
Brimstone | Credits: Riot Games

Brimstone might be one of the less recommended controllers in the Lotus map. With only his three Sky Smokes, Brim must keep his team in control of the map with relatively fast actions.

Unfortunately, Sky Smokes are un-rechargable or cannot be used repeatedly. If our plans don’t go smoothly, then these Sky Smokes will suffer a lull.

With these deficiencies, Brim is certainly far different from Astra. Astra can move freely while Brimstone must adjust the position wherever Smoke must be given.

5. Vipers

Viper is one of the more suitable agents to use for wide open maps like Breeze since its Toxic Screen wall is very useful.

But not for Lotus. Regarding the size of the map, each site is quite closed and the site is relatively small.

Vipers - Valorant
Vipers | Credits: Riot Games

When defending, Toxic Scree can be used to cover various pathways. When standing on the B site, the Viper can block the A main area and the B site. Poison Cloud Smoke milk can also be placed in C main and opens a smoke path that can hold back the enemy.

But when attacking, Viper is quite tricky. The relatively small size of the Lotus site proves that Toxic Screen cannot be more effective than Smoke Dome.

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