Don’t choose the wrong Valorant agent!

Finding the most popular Valorant agent is one thing that needs to be learned and new Valorant players need to know.

When you are looking for the best Valorant agent to learn and even use in all battles, try to learn from the highest rank.

Learning how to use Valorant agents from players at the highest rank might give you knowledge and new things inside or outside the game.

One of them, a Reddit user by the name of Colt 7 has a list of the most popular Valorant agents based on rank as of January 2023.

Curious about who is in it? Check this out.

The most popular Valorant agent in the Radiant rank


Reyna, Valorant agent, Reyna agent, Valorant
Credits: Riot Games

It’s not surprising that Reyna is on this list. When people are fighting, trying to take him down, Reyna has the ability to penetrate the site and take over the entire battle.

Just like Jett, Reyna can also carry out continuous attacks to get kill points through the Devour skill if done successfully.

Included in the characters who are able to adapt in every battle, blind the enemy, attack continuously and heal are very difficult to deal with. And that’s why Reyna is the choice of the best Valorant agent in the Radiant rank.


Unlike Reyna, Killjoy is the best Sentinel agent in his class. The way he controls the zone or surrounding area with various gadgets such as his Nanoswarm or Turret, Killjoy also gets more information through his AlarmBot.

Killjoy - Valorant
Credits: Riot Games

His ultimate skill, Lockdown, is able to prevent the process of installing spikes or even retakes long enough so that the enemy fails to execute them.

Perfect in appearance, Killjoy is the right troop in the game, so don’t be surprised if the best players often choose him besides Jett in the context of the most popular Valorant agent who is often used in the Radiant rank.


Don’t be surprised if Jett is the number one choice as the most popular Valorant Agent.

The ability to run fast with Tailwind and smoke with Cloudburst makes Jett such a unique character in the world of Valorant and of course one that is often used whether in ranked mode or the pro competitive scene.

Able to gain positions/do things that other agents cannot do, Jett is very easy to get a chance to take down an off guard enemy.

ONIC Severine
Credits: Riot Games

The way it works to eliminate enemies quickly and unconsciously is very important when facing opponents at the best level and that’s what makes Jett top the list of the most popular Valorant agents in the Radiant rank.

If you use the agents above, congratulations, you are a player who can penetrate Radiant easily.

Want to try another character? Yes, no problem! There are still many other choices of Valorant agents that are just as important for you to use, friends.

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