Welcome to Mobile Legends, Team Secret!

The name Team Secret is certainly familiar to all esports lovers, especially those who have participated in the DOTA 2 to PUBG Mobile scene. However, have you ever thought that Team Secret opened a Mobile Legends division: Bang Bang?

Over the past month, rumors about Team Secret joining the competitive MLBB scene have been heard and spread widely. The organization, which is known for its DOTA 2 division, has already targeted a slot in MPL.

However, as the name impliesSecret“, they are trying to present a mystery/puzzle to all fans where to land.

MPL PH? Maybe considering they have a Valorant team base there. MPL ID? Interesting but highly improbable. MPL MY/SG? Most likely yes and now the answer boils down to MPL MY S11.

Team Secret has officially joined MPL MY S11, along with two other new teams

Credit: MPL MY. Screenshots by ONE Esports

The certainty regarding Team Secret joining MPL MY S11 was revealed in the MPL MY S11 press conference which was held on Friday (17/2) local time.

In the press conference, various representatives from the MPL MY S11 teams were also present. Either the old team or the new team.

Previously, along with Team Secret, two new names also attended the MPL MY S11 event. They are Red Giants Esports and Madness Gaming.

Credit: MPL Malaysia

This also brought surprises to MPL MY S11 as the best MLBB players from all over the world were there. Starting from Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, all the stars took part in enlivening the MPL MY S11 event.

Team Secret becomes a new team with the status of “transfer slots” where previously, the Orange Esports team declared disbandment.

It is possible that in the near future the teams will complete their roster announcement process before the MPL MY S11 schedule is finalized.

Together with Team Secret, here is a list of participating teams in MPL MY S11:

1. RSG Slate MY
2. NO
3. Team SMG
4. RED Esports MY
5. Team Lunatix
6. HomeBois
7. Team HAQ
8. Madness Esports
9. Yoodo Red Giants Esports

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