How much influence will the latest MLBB patch have on the competitive landscape that will occur in MPL ID S11?

The latest MLBB patch 1.7.58 has just officially arrived on the Original Server on February 14 2023. The presence of a new update ahead of the rollout of MPL ID S11 will certainly have more or less impact, especially regarding the selection of heroes for each team.

Through the latest MLBB patch, a total of 15 heroes will receive ability adjustments. With a large number of heroes, this means that there will be a significant impact on the selection of heroes to play at the highest level.

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Some of the heroes who are buffed in the latest MLBB patch 1.7.58 are Hanabi, Natan, Julian, Edith, Paquito, Esmeralda, Fanny, and Yin. Meanwhile, those who got nerfed were Karrie, Moskov, Gloo, Lapu-Lapu, Cyclops, Yve, and Hayabusa.

Looking at the list of 15 heroes above, some of them were mainstays in the previous META such as Fanny, Karrie, Lapu-Lapu, Moskov, Gloo, Yve, and Hayabusa. With so many META heroes getting nerfed, will they be eliminated in the highest competitive scene?

The latest MLBB patch won’t have a big impact on MPL ID S11

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Based on observations from ONE Esports, even though there are many META heroes who get nerfed, this will not change too much the choice of teams that will compete in MPL ID S11. In fact, the hero selection options will now be even wider.

Heroes like Karrie, Lapu-Lapu, Moskov, Gloo, and Yve are believed to remain the top options to play in their respective roles, even though they all get reduced abilities.

Karrie and Moskov are believed to remain the top choices in the gold lane with Wanwan. But now they have a new competitor in Natan who is again buffed in the latest MLBB patch, even though his chances of appearing are still not as big as the previous three names.

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Meanwhile for Gloo and Lapu-Lapu, reducing the damage dealt to these two heroes will also make them a mainstay in the EXP lane. It is believed that Gloo is very annoying because he can spam skill 1 and Lapu-Lapu which has a short cooldown for his ultimate is believed to make them the top options.

If on the gold lane there is Natan who can be used as a new option, on the EXP lane there is Edith who in the latest MLBB patch received a significant buff. This Tank/Marksman hero can be an option on that lane with Gloo and Lapu-Lapu.

Edith Mobile Legends
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Don’t forget that the significant buff that Moonton has given Paquito through this latest MLBB patch has the potential to bring The Boxer back into the current META of the EXP lane. Not to mention that when Arlott became playable in week 3, it was also believed that he would enliven the competition on that lane.

Meanwhile for Yve, he will also remain one of the priorities in the mid lane. Even though the slow effect of skill 2 has been greatly reduced and the cooldown of his ultimate has now increased dramatically, his highground skills can still be the best option to choose from.

For the mid lane, Yve will again compete to be the top choice with Pharsa, Cecilion, Lylia, Xavier, and also Valentina. The buff given to Julian also opens up opportunities for the hero to return to META, even though the chances are still quite small.

Julian's best role, Julian MLBB, Mobile Legends
Credit: Moonton

It will be interesting to observe how the selection of heroes for the teams competing in MPL ID S11 is like. Which heroes will be the bone of contention? Let’s just wait for the highest MLBB league which will roll out tomorrow, Friday (17/2/2023).

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