PBNC Grand Finals 2022

After Zepetto officially announced that Grand Final Point Blank National Championship (PBNC) 2022 will be held on 8-12 February 2023, it has been confirmed that there are 12 teams that will compete during the 2022 PBNC Grand Final.

In addition to the men’s special PBNC competition, there is also a fight for the final champion Women’s Point Blank Ladies League (PBLL).

The 2022 PBNC Grand Final will be held according to the system Double Elimination where there will be upper bracket and lower bracket. Even so, unlike PBNC for male players, PBLL matches will be held according to the system Single Elimination.

All matches will also use the system Best of 3 Maps. As for the game mode that will be used is Bomb Mission 5 vs 5.

a number 8 men’s teams in the PBNC event and 4 women’s teams in the PBLL event will fight for the championship title and the total prizepool hundreds of millions of rupiah.

To watch all the PBNC 2022 Grand Final matches later, Troopers you can watch it directly by coming to the venue or you can also watch it in person on line via Youtube and the official Facebook of Point Blank Zepetto Indonesia.

What will the 2022 PBNC Grand Final competition be like? Always look forward to the latest information about Point Blank.