Falcon Esports brought back Argentina and showed the best way to counter Karrie.

How to counter Karrie may still be difficult to implement. ONE Esports has created Karrie’s most effective counter heroes, and one of them was present in the S11 Gaming Argentina match against Falcon Esports.

S11 Gaming became a surprising team recently because they managed to beat RRQ Akira and brought back RSG SG. The teams began to be wary of this team.

Mobile Legends, MLBB, S11 Gaming Argentina, M4
Credit: ONE Esports

Unfortunately Falcon is too strong individually. Maybe Argentina’s macro is enough to balance, but the individual quality of each player is the difference that makes Falcon Esports win easily.

Karrie as the most popular hero in M4 was made to move. How to counter Karrie was shown by Falcon using Harith and a super aggressive early game strategy.

Kenn carried Falcon Esports in the first game

The first game was tight and tight. Both teams maximize their best potential and show gameplay that is inversely proportional.

Source: Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

Falcon appeared super aggressive from the start, along with Fanny’s presence on the team. They are superior in kills by far. However, objectively, S11 Gaming Argentina is able to take advantage of the existing loopholes.

Kenn, who uses Fanny, is the player who makes first blood the most in M4. He did that again in this game and made him already make 4 first blood along the way M4.

Even so, Argentina’s bar-bare game made it difficult for Falcon too. Several times the purple buff from Kenn was taken, but amazingly he was still able to appear excellent.

Until finally one momentum the theft of the lord by Kenn ended sweet. That moment became snowballing because one by one the S11 Gaming players died. Realizing their power in the early and mid game, Falcon immediately attacked and ended the match as soon as possible. They won 1-0.

Karrie’s way of countering is Harith

In the second game, Argentina was made to move. Using two pick-off heroes like Kadita and Selena at the same time is very ineffective. What’s more, they didn’t have enough bodies because Yu Zhong failed to maximize his capacity.

Harith Mobile Legends
Harith – Mobile Legends

Falcon Esports also has OP and power heroes like Kaja, Ling, Valentina, Harith, and Martis.

The most obvious thing that can be seen is how Harith is Karrie’s perfect counter for players who can maximize it. ZIPPX manages to do that. Karrie’s counter ways are revealed.

Apart from winning lane from Karrie, Harith’s aggressiveness really bombarded all S11 Gaming players. This means that Harith really forced Karrie to fail snowballing and become a deadly weapon during war.

How to counter Karrie, Falcon
Source: Muhammad Talhah/ONE Esports

Moreover, there is additional damage from Ling, as well as utility heroes like Kaja, Valentina, and Martis, making it easy for Falcon to win 2-0.

Karrie was made to not play at all and failed to have an effect on this game. The most effective way to counter Karrie was found, namely playing early games and using Harith!

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