muhammad”Ryzen” Albi has finally been officially announced as the 3rd player in the new roster of the PUBG Mobile Bigetron Esports division (currently still called Red Aliens).

The riddle of Ryzen’s future at Bigetron has finally been answered as in this season he is back in arms and will continue the BTR struggle after Zuxxy and Luxxy leave. Apart from Abi (his nickname), uHigh and LiQuiD have been previously announced.

Three players who have been the core of Bigetron RA since 2021 are back to win the title they have been waiting for. As we know, the ups and downs that Bigetron RA has gone through have been quite difficult.

Ryzen, who has been resting for 2 seasons, is slowly starting to find his motivation to win again, as well as uHigh who shone with Geek Fam last season and LiQuiD as the remaining senior players who are still able to prove themselves.

However, who are the other 2 players who will complete Bigetron RA’s new roster later? Will this newest roster be able to surpass the achievements previously made by the twins Zuxxy and Luxxy?

Ryzen in, these 3 factors can make Bigetron RA more advanced without the twins

Ryzen, BTR Ryzen, Bigetron RA, PUBG Mobile
Credit: Bigetron TV

The departure of Zuxxy and Luxxy is not the end of everything for Bigetron Esports. Player regeneration will continue to be carried out and there are still many resources available to form a new roster with the best quality to win the title.

Other teams must be aware of the power of Bigetron RA’s new roster. Here are 3 main factors that can underlie this:

1. Motivate the old roster champions with Ryzen

With the presence of Ryzen on the roster, it will be the answer for the remaining 3 main pillars of Bigetron RA to conquer PMPL ID next season. Of course they are fed up with the insults and the name Bigetron is shrinking in the competitive scene.

uHigh is the only player to win the PMPL 3 times in Malaysia. LiQuiD has been on the road for a long time and has not tasted the title since the last time he was with ION Esports at PINC 2020.

Ryzen on the other hand is also hungry for a title after the victory he won at the 2021 SEA Games. Of course they have the right motivation to win the title.

2. The new Bigetron RA roster is more promising

PUBG Mobile, NFT Esports
Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

The news regarding the new Bigetron RA player has been widely discussed by the PUBGM community in Indonesia. Several names were rumored to be joining, starting from Satar/Alan (ex-Genesis Dogma) and also Svafvel (ex-NFT Esports) to reunite the PUBG Mobile National Team.

Bigetron RA coach, Doni “La Flame“Saputra is part of the PUBGM National Team which has made new achievements and history in the competitive scene in Southeast Asia. Together with Satar and Svafvel when they join, making the new Bigetron RA roster a ‘superteam’.

Credit: Genesis Dogma

Bigetron RA’s new roster is planned to be announced on January 25 2023. If it is true that the two players join, then other teams must be wary of Bigetron RA’s new power which is more sinister and promising.

3. The new culture promised by Starlest

Apart from Bigetron RA’s fame in the competitive PUBG Mobile scene, many people suspect that the ‘setback’ experienced by Bigetron is due to the ‘culture’ within the team. Actually these factors are quite risky to be discussed.

Mobile Legends, MLBB, Starlest, Bigetron Esports
Credit: Youtube/Bigetron TV

Until finally, as CEO, Edwin “StarlestChia decided to bring in ‘Director of PUBG Mobile‘ undefined. Starlest hopes that later there will be a new culture or culture that will be presented by this new figure.

There are many aspects that can be developed, such as daily life, mental guidance, to training in certain fields that will further motivate players to win. All of them were presented by Starlest to win back the PMPL ID title and the world title.

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