OHMYV33NUS openly mentioned what RRQ Hoshi did wrong when facing Blacklist International.

Blacklist International managed to become the first team to ensure qualification for the upper basketball M4 World Championship final after successfully defeating one of Indonesia’s representatives, RRQ Hoshi, with a score of 3-2 in a match that was held at the Tennis Indoor Stadium, Senayan, on Wednesday (11/1/ 2023).

The upper bracket semifinal match was fierce. RRQ took the lead before being overturned by the Blacklist to 2-1 and again drawing 2-2 to force the match to continue into the fifth game.

Blacklist International
Source: ONE Esports

In the decisive game, both teams appeared determined and both had the momentum to win. However, Blacklist’s solid play made them come out as the best in this match.

Even though they managed to win, it was clear that Blacklist was able to achieve it thanks to a great struggle. Because RRQ also played very well and was always able to provide resistance against the defending champion.

RRQ Hoshi
Source: ONE Esports

OhMyV33nus was surprised that RRQ Hoshi never banned Estes

Mobile Legends, MLBB, OHMYV33NUS, Blacklist International, M4
Credit: Youtube/Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

In the five games presented, Blacklist has again made Estes one of its top heroes. The MPL Philippines champion has also succeeded in being widely known and feared thanks to the great game of the hero support healer in the hands of OHMYV33NUS.

In this match against RRQ, OHMYV33NUS played Estes four times. While in one other game she played Lolita which also resulted in a win.

Control has proven to be the key to Blacklist’s game, RRQ has never once banned Estes in five games. Alberttt et al held respect bans against several other OHMYV33NUS mainstays in this match, namely Kaja in the first and second games, Mathilda in the third game, and Lolita in the fifth game.

The best Estes item version OHMYV33NUS, Mobile Legends, MLBB, Estes Blacklist International
Credit: Moonton

RRQ’s decision received an immediate response from OHMYV33NUS after the match. The Roamer Blacklist admitted that he was shocked to see his opponent not ban Estes.

“To be honest I was shocked to see they didn’t tire Estes at all the whole game. Maybe this is one of the reasons why they lost this match,” said OHMYV33NUS.

Furthermore, OHMYV33NUS also provides examples of which games in this match show that Estes is very important for Blacklist play.

“They should have banned Estes, for example like in game 2. On the way, we were able to win this crucial game. This just proves how important Estes is,” he told ONE Esports.

OHMYV33NUS and Wise, Mobile Legends, MLBB, Blacklist International, M4
Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

Throughout M4, the roamer has played Estes seven times. Apart from four times when he faced RRQ Hoshi, he also played this hero three times when he met RRQ Akira.

Of the seven games, OHMYV33NUS has a win rate of 54% with this flagship hero because three of them ended in defeat. This also shows that this hero is actually not a guarantee for Blacklist to be able to win.

On the other hand, RRQ also of course has very clear reasons not to ban Estes. They must already have a way to kill this hero, even though it can’t always be done successfully.

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