RRQ Dyrennn? Before MPL ID S11 started, Rebellion Zion’s future EXP Laner, Dyrennn was in the news. This happened because of his loss on the RBL MPL and MDL rosters.

No doubt, rumors are circulating and there was news that RRQ, who had just been left by R7, would immediately bring in a player whose quality has skyrocketed in the last year.

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Credit: Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

In fact, Dyrennn wasn’t on RRQ either. He was absent in MPL ID S11 and his fate is also a question mark. RBL coach, Cikoo had said that Dyrennn was still part of the team, but only knew that much.

Until the last Dyrennn let slip about his condition on the REKT live stream. At that time he revealed that he was in a difficult time now.

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Credit: Instagram/RBL_Dyrennn

Absolutely invisible nose in the competitive scene, a video shows something surprising.

RRQ Dyrennn is real? Here’s the proof

During the RRQ non-bar events held in many cities throughout the season, to be precise yesterday in Medan during the RRQ vs ONIC Esports match, Dyrennn suddenly appeared who was caught on camera joining the non-bar with Pak AP and Pak Pulung.

Through amateur camera fans that appeared and went viral on Tiktok, it was clear that Dyrennn was there. This seems to prove that RRQ Dyrennn is only a matter of time.

Maybe there was a problem with the transfer process from Rebellion so it couldn’t be completed in MPL ID S11. Even so, the Kingdom was allowed to smile.

RRQ Dyrennn
Source: Tiktok

The reason is, it is very likely that one EXP Laner player will come to their team later in MPL ID S12. RRQ Dyrennn could be the new hope for the King of Kings.

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