Wings completes RRQ’s power fleet in FFML Season 7!

Before FFML S7 rolls around, RRQ officially introduces the new lineup with the presence of Erick “wings” Reliable sniper who used to play for the GPX team.

As one of the teams that managed to make history at FFIM 2022 Fall, RRQ is looking at FFML S7 with a big mission, namely aiming for a championship. Changes also came after FFWS 2022 Bangkok where they parted ways with Viktor “MaybeeInnocent.

This major overhaul is of course adjusted to the needs of the team according to coach Adi’s plan “AdiGustiawan. Not only introducing new players, RRQ officially removes the name “Kazu” according to the direction of the CEO, Andrian”APPauline.

According to coach Adi, the deletion of the name did not have a significant effect on the team’s performance for FFML S7. In the Mabar RRQ x Sukro event in Tebet, South Jakarta, for him the name “Kazu” was just a symbol of difference.

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“In my personal opinion, the name “Kazu” being omitted is fine. Because in the past, every team had a name just to differentiate each division. For example in MLBB there are Hoshi, Sena, in PUBG Mobile there is Ryu and others,” said Adi.

With Wings in place, here is the RRQ roster lineup for FFML S7:

1.Richard”LegaelothManurung (IGL)
2. ShahirRazorr“Thaksir (Rusher)
3. Abby”AbaaySiliwangi (Rusher)
4. Ibn Nasir “PacmanRamdani (Support)
5. Erickwings” (Snipers)
6. AdiAdiGustiawan (Coach)
7. CintiaflooFlorentina (Manager)

Adi revealed the main reason why RRQ recruited Wings

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Credit: ONE Esports

On a separate occasion, to ONE Esports coach Adi revealed the reason why RRQ recruited Wings as a replacement for the role left by Maybee.

According to Adi, Wings has the right skill attributes to replace Maybee with the same role. The selection of Wings is also in accordance with the strategy design needed by Adi where there will be a big change from the META of the RRQ team game.

Credit: Garena

“We want to focus on the objectivity of the game on sniper/support, supporting rushers in any way possible to maximize damage and attack more consistently and evenly. In a sense, you don’t have to put all the burden on the rushers’ attacks,” Adi added.

Not only changing Maybee’s role, the presence of Wings also helps Pacman’s performance, who is also a sniper. According to Adi, under certain conditions the RRQ team needed a META 2 sniper so he chose the best player.

RRQ, FFML S7, FFML Season 7, FFML, Free Fire
Credit: ONE Esports

“Not that Maybee or Pacman as snipers aren’t good, no. It is possible that in the next META there will be two snipers that can have an impact on the game. Overall, why did we choose Wings, in terms of gameplay, he is indeed the right person to fill the vacant position after being left by Maybee,” he concluded.

We hope that Wings can provide the best for the ‘King’ troop in FFML Season 7 which will roll out soon.

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