MPL ID S11 is near, prepare yourself for the prestigious MLBB competition in Indonesia!

The euphoria of the M4 World Championship hasn’t ended a few days ago, now is the time for all the teams and fans of the Indonesian MLBB scene to move on and welcome the arrival of MPL ID Season 11 which will soon begin.

It’s time, we all left feeling sad and emotional looking at the results of the M4 which might make a number of people bite their fingers. MPL ID S11 is right around the corner and will present the best MLBB competition in Indonesia for the next two months.

The sign regarding the start of the next MPL season starts with the announcement regarding the Roster Lock or the locking of the roster that will play in MPL ID S11.

Even though it is not yet certain who will compete in MPL ID S11, however, 8 teams are definitely preparing to welcome the new season. Starting from strategy evaluation, to the most important element, the team roster.

Not only MPL ID S11, the same thing applies to MDL ID S7. As we know, Moonton has announced format and system updates for MDL Indonesia in order to give birth to new stars in the competitive MLBB Indonesia scene.

News about the MPL ID S11 roster lock also drew many responses from the CEOs or team leaders at MPL. For example, EdwinStarlest” Chia, from Bigetron Esports to Andrian “APPauline represents RRQ Hoshi (Team RRQ).

Mobile Legends, MLBB, Starlest, Bigetron Esports
Credit: Youtube/Bigetron TV

Starlest, who is now known to be abroad, continues to coordinate the selection of the Bigetron Alpha roster for next season. The arrival of a new coach from the Philippines, Pauloxpert, does not provide a definite indication of who will be on the Alpha roster for next season.

Meanwhile, Mr. AP expressed his anxiety regarding the Lock Roster for MPL ID S11 and MDL ID S7 where, according to him, time seemed ‘short’ or limited.

Mr. AP, Mobile Legends, MLBB, Andrian Pauline, Mr. AP_Team RRQ Hoshi
Credit: ONE Esports

“Tomorrow the lock roster is already on, my head is going to explode (dizzy) guys),” wrote the AP.

Then, behind the anxiety of the team leaders, it turns out that there is a new rule from Moonton regarding the MPL ID S11 roster lock. What are the new rules like?

Mr. AP said there was a new Moonton rule regarding the MPL ID S11 Roster Lock

Mobile Legends, MLBB, M4
Credit: ONE Esports

Apart from expressing his anxiety through his Instagram account, Mr. AP revealed an interesting fact regarding the MPL ID S11 Lock Roster.

If the roster is usually announced by the team some time after the lock roster is announced, now the announcement of the team roster is taken over by Moonton. This means that after Moonton announced the MPL ID S11 team roster, the team may announce the roster.

“The newest rules (the team) may not be announced (roster) first. MPL has to announce (team roster) first,” wrote Mr. AP in an Instagram comment column on SPIN Esports.

This certainly makes it seem that teams have limited time, to think about who will be played, how to concept the roster announcement to check the condition of the players who will be included in the roster and others.

Apart from RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Esports who recently participated in the M4 World Championship, it might not have had much of an impact. However, the response from the other teams who are also playing in MPL ID S11 is not known.

Bigetron Alpha MPL ID S10 Roster
source: BTR

Hopefully, this decision will not have a negative impact on the teams that will play in MPL ID S11.

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