Blacklist Academy’s roster is too strong!

It’s always interesting to follow the progress of one of the best MLBB teams in the world, Blacklist International. Now them officially introduces the Blacklist Academy roster line-up (MDL team) with potential and promise.

As we know, the Philippines will hold its first MDL tournament this year. This second caste competition continues to attract the attention of many MLBB activists considering that this region which has won three world titles often gives birth to young stars even though it is not hosted by an official second caste tournament from Moonton.

With the roll-out of MDL at the ASEAN Granary, you can be sure that new stars will emerge more and more.

The star-studded Blacklist Academy roster

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Credit: Blacklist International

Blacklist as one of the biggest teams in the country doesn’t want to be left behind in wading through the competition for young talents by sending a promising squad.

Inhabited by many talented players like Kyle”Dominic“Soto, Lee Howard”Owls“Gonzales, Russell Aaron”Eyon“Usi, Steve Nash”stevee“Cunluran and Ian Jacob”Rindo” Seguiran, Blacklist looks serious about undergoing the first MDL PH.

Remarkably, two young players from the squad have won international achievements by winning gold medals at the SEA Games in 2022. They are Dominic and Owl.

On the other hand, Rindo has also experienced fighting at the highest level when he was included in the experienced squad with OHEB, Hadji, and Edward to take part in this year’s SEA Games selection.

The last name that really came as a surprise was the arrival of superstar Gold Laner OHEB. Previously, OhMyV33NUS had already confirmed that the Filipino Sniper would be absent at MPL PH S11, but no one expected his name to appear on the Blacklist Academy roster.

Blacklist Academy roster

  1. Dominic (EXP Lane)
  2. Owl (Gold Lane)
  3. Eyon (Mid Lane)
  4. Stevee (Roamer)
  5. Rindo (Jungle)
  6. OHEB (Gold Lane)
  7. LEMBOT (Coach)

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