Prepare yourself, 3 new Valorant agents are coming soon!

The presence of a new Valorant agent may continue to be a question for Valorant players around the world even in early 2023.

At the end of 2022, Riot Games has launched a new Valorant agent, namely Harbor, plus the presence of a new map, Lotus for 2023. So far for the last 2 years Valorant has been running since 2020 there have been almost a total of 21 agents.

With a variety of roles, the new Valorant agent is here to suit the needs of the players, whether in the Sentinels, Initiators, or even Sentinels roles. Balancing the presence of various new, adjusted Valorant agents certainly brings interesting innovations.

The plan to release a new Valorant agent in 2023 is a big breakthrough from Riot Games, delivered by John Goscicki, Riot Games Character Producer who also gave an explanation about the new Valorant agent.

The newest Valorant agent, Harbor, Valorant
Credits: Riot Games

“We may release initiator agents, sentinels agents and finally,” he said before the last role was revealed until an undetermined time.

How many new Valorant agents will there be in 2023?

Agents of Valorant, Valorant
Credit; Riot Games

Goscicki further explained that in the last 2 and a half years, the Riot Games team felt that they needed to introduce new agents gradually while maintaining game conditions from time to time.

“It might take a long time to create a new agent. We have to think about the current conditions and how the game will be in the future when the agent has been released,” he said.

It will be interesting to look forward to what kind of agents will be presented by Riot Games for the 3 new Valorant agents in 2023.

The addition of a new Valorant agent also needs to pay attention to the current state of the meta game and what type of gameplay the players are busy playing.

“As usual we have to balance roles and gameplay types,” added Goscicki regarding the addition of this new Valorant agent. “However, after we added several agents to the game, we felt no need to create a perfect comparison between agents in various roles.”

What are the important details regarding the upcoming new Valorant agent? We don’t have much information, but Goscicki isn’t holding back on that.

Best Valorant Agent, Harbor, Valorant
Credits: Riot Games

“The 22nd Agent will soon appear on the battlefield,” he said before giving details about Riot Games’ focus on the new agent that will be released. This new character will have “a new way to check the corners of the arena, get into the area and plant spikes,” he concluded.

This addition will be the first agent after the presence of Harbor, Controller which was released last October. The presence of a new agent will bring interesting things and will definitely change the competitive meta scene throughout 2023.

Valorant initially came with a total of 10 agents before finally introducing Reyna as the first character to join the game. Since then, various other agents have been added, bringing the total number of Valorant agents to 24 by the end of the year.

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