While waiting for a replacement for R7 at RRQ, Rinazmi’s name has reappeared.

News on player transfers has always been the food of MLBB esports activists, especially if it is related to big names, such as RRQ and Rinazmi.

Starting from the upload Snapgram of RRQ’s new developer, Renbothe public judged that there was a well-known figure sitting relaxed in the King’s GH.

By matching a number of physical characteristics, many believe he is EXP Laner GPX Rinazmi.

The arrival of the player as a new player has actually started to be discussed shortly after short videos which followed the announcement of the team’s official roster. There was seen someone with the same stature acting as a servant.

RRQ requires Laner EXP

R7, RRQ R7, RRQ Hoshi, Team RRQ, M4, MLBB, Mobile Legends
Credit: Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

The fact that R7 decided to take a break from the competitive scene forced RRQ to find a suitable replacement. Of course filling the empty seats left by the R7 is not an easy thing.

It’s no wonder only big names are predicted to be worthy substitutes. RRQ previously had Banana which was on the roster last season. Then there’s Lemon who seems to start playing EXP Laner heroes frequently in public.

Not only that, the newly arrived Renbo is also known to be able to play many roles. This gives the team quite a lot of options. Apart from the three players earlier, the King of Kings still has the option of bringing in new players.

About the certainty of who will be the replacement for the R7? Or will there be additional roster announcements? We can only wait for the official announcement from the team.

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