What is the reason for Ryzen’s absence from the 2023 SEA Games PUBGM National Selection?

Muhammad’s nameRyzenAlbi became the talk of the fans of the competitive PUBG Mobile scene when it was discovered that he was not included in the 2023 SEA Games National Selection.

The SEA Games 2023 National Selection process series for all branches including MLBB, PUBG Mobile, Cross Fire and Valorant has started since Wednesday (1/2). All athletes listed as National Selection participants were then collected for medical and psychological tests.

Ryzen, is the main pillar of the INA2 national team which won a gold medal at the 2021 Vietnam SEA Games last year. Together with Luxxy, Svafvel, JaydeN and GenFos they managed to win the fierce battle on the last day.

Now, welcoming the new season of the PMPL ID Spring 2023 competition, he has decided to return from his break and defend the banner of Bigetron Red Villains. Of course, this was a new start for Ryzen, especially since he had to face his former colleagues at Persija EVOS.

Ryzen, BTR Ryzen, Bigetron RA, PUBG Mobile
Credit: Bigetron TV

When Ryzen’s name was not in the 2023 SEA Games National Selection, especially PUBG Mobile, the public began to criticize PB ESI and questioned why the star was not there.

However, everything has an explanation and actually Ryzen could join the 2023 SEA Games PUBGM National Selection. Check out the full review below.

Ryzen was not included in the SEA Games National Selection, Ibnu Riza spoke up

BTR Ryzen, Ryzen, Bigetron RA, PUBG Mobile
Credit: Ryzen

In the LIL ANANG live stream session, Wednesday (1/2) evening, fans of the competitive PUBG Mobile scene debated at length about Ryzen’s absence in the 2023 SEA Games National Selection process. However, other players were there, such as Luxxy and Svafvel.

Svafvel, who also witnessed it, said that he had given the names of players who were considered to have the potential to become part of the national team roster. Or in other words, he has prepared a ‘backup plan’ regarding the Ryzen problem.

Credit: Ibnu Riza

“I have mentioned the names of (players), to (play and) be sure (to win) back-to-back gold medals. Hopefully the names qualify and can play as a team (in the national team),” wrote Svafvel in the comments column.

Apart from Ryzen, another name that fans are hunting for is Genta.”GenFos” Effendi who looked invisible in the roster.

Responding to fans’ concerns, Ibnu Riza as part of the PB ESI Advisory Board and President of IESPA briefly explained that Ryzen refused a call to take part in the 2023 SEA Games national selection program.

Credit: Ibnu Riza

“Those who refuse, are not not elected,” said Ibnu to Pablo Laputa, a PUBG Mobile KOL/Streamer.

Ibnu added that if they chose not to represent the national team at the 2023 SEA Games, this should be appreciated because both of them chose to focus on PMPL with their team and gave the nation’s best young men the opportunity to serve the country to continue their success relay in the previous year.

“It’s time for them to focus on PMPL and give other players the opportunity to win medals at the SEA Games,” he concluded.

Even though it’s enough to answer, I hope that the choice that Ryzen has made can be understood and respected by all PUBG Mobile fans.

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