Guess how many heroes Minsitthar’s revamp can pull?

One of the most overlooked fighter heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will rise from the ashes.

Moonton released Minsitthar’s revamp teaser as the newest addition to the upcoming update, this change will be available four days before the start of the new season.

The teaser shows Minsitthar’s new appearance and skills. According to game developers, they want to increase the popularity of heroes both in rank and in the professional world.

These are all the changes to Minsitthar’s revamp in Mobile Legends

Minsitthar's Revamp Skill
Credit: Moonton

Minor improvements were made to his character model, which now features the iconic Kanote art on his armor and shield. Kanote art is an art form often found in Burmese architecture and crafts.

As for his skill, now he can attract many enemy heroes at once with his Spear of Glory, it’s a significant improvement from the previous skill which could only attract one target.

In addition, Shield Assault now provides reduced damage, and can be stacked with the effects of on-hit items such as the Demon Hunter Sword and Golden Staff.

Minsitthar's Revamp Skill
Credit: Moonton

The iconic Ultimate Skill, King’s Calling, has also been improved in such a way as to make it more difficult for enemies to move within the area.

This skill will later disable all movement skills of the opponent, which means this can be an effective CC skill in the Land of Dawn. The Royal Guards surrounding the Ultimate skill also take the direct effect of the item, making it an effective offensive skill.

Revamp Minsitthar will be released on 21 March. Meanwhile, the new rank season will start on March 25.

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