Reunited with old friends, KarlTzy has big ambitions at the upcoming SEA Games 2023 Cambodia!

ECHO’s renowned jungler, Karl“KarlTzy“Nepomuceno has the opportunity to be included in the Philippine MLBB national team roster for the 2023 SEA Games Cambodia.

After becoming world champion at the M4 World Championship in Jakarta, Indonesia, KarlTzy together with ECHO took part in the open qualification for the Philippines MLBB national team selection some time ago. They lost to BREN Esports with a score of 1-2.

Source: ONE Esports

Luckily for KarlTzy and ECHO, the Philippine MLBB national team or SIBOL will choose players from the top 4 qualifiers. So, several players from other teams such as ONIC PH, GameLab and BREN Esports have the same opportunity.

Under the tutelage of Francis”Duckeyy“Gilindro as the national team coach, of course KarlTzy is a strong candidate for the role of Jungler for the Philippines MLBB national team.

Later he will have the opportunity to play together (reunite) with one of his former colleagues, BREN Esports Mid-Laner, Angelo.”Pheww” Arcangel who also has a big chance to enter the roster.

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So, what is KarlTzy’s response to the MLBB Philippines national team this time? Is there a separate hope and target for him as a famous player?

KarlTzy’s ambition is to make new history at the SEA Games 2023 Cambodia

Credit: KarlTzy

Relive the memory of his victory with Pheww at the 2019 SEA Games, KarlTzy intends to return to being a pillar of the MLBB Philippines national team.

The victory he won with ECHO in the M4 World Championship does not make him complacent, he wants to continue to achieve as much as possible.

“(Entering the Philippines MLBB national team) is a motivation for me because I want to achieve many achievements,” he said as quoted from Tiebreaker Times.

Credit: KarlTzy

“I also want to get back to playing with Pheww and I want to get back to winning gold medals with him,” he continued.

Even though currently all the selection processes are underway, KarlTzy’s chances are quite large to enter the Philippines MLBB national team roster.

Even if he doesn’t enter, it won’t be a problem for him and he’s still grateful to be part of the Philippine MLBB National National Team Selection process.

“It feels good (participating in the Philippines MLBB national team selection). I will still be the champion, and I will continue to practice (if not selected),” he said.

“I stay motivated to train and become a champion. The mindset remains the same, enjoy all the processes that will be undertaken in the future, “he concluded.

Dukeyy has completed the MLBB Philippines national team roster for the 2023 SEA Games

Mobile Legends, Dukey, Bren Esports, MPL PH S9
Credits: Bren Esports

In a separate place, coach Dukeyy admitted that he had completed the selection process for the players who would be included in the MLBB Philippines national team at the 2023 SEA Games.

This was revealed through his Twitter account and it looks like it will be announced soon in the near future.

“The lineup for the Philippines MLBB National Team (SIBOL) has been completed. This is a tough task,” wrote Dukeyy.

As a country that has won the 2019 and 2021 SEA Games consecutively, a big mandate awaits Dukeyy after he is elected as coach/Head Coach.

Well, let’s just wait and see who are the best pillars that will strengthen the Philippines MLBB national team at the SEA Games 2023 Cambodia, next May.

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