M4 World Championships

M4 World Championships officially Ends with the team’s victory ECHO Esports. The slogan of the Mobile Legends world championship “Dare To Be Great” and “ Saatny4 Indonesia” This success brought a stir to the industry esports in homeland.

The M4 World Championship has reached ratings a new high of 4.26 million on January 11 2023, to be precise during the RRQ team’s match against Blacklist, with the highest number of viewers coming from Indonesia of 2.6 million.

This world championship has also become an event esports third most popular of all time, beating 2022 IESF World Championship, 2022 Arena of Valor Premier League, and 2022 PUBG Mobile Global Championship viewers, according to Esports Charts.

Apart from the exciting main dish, the excitement of the M4 World Championship is inseparable from the series events titled “Road to M4” organized by MOONTON Games, then video screening “ Saatny4 Indonesia”release theme song “Time for Indonesia”presence M4 Battle Pass prize skins Beatrix, to Beatrix’s weapon installation.

Road to M4

The purpose of this event is to increase public attention, in particular gamersagainst the M4 World Championship before the match officially started.

Event offline which is held in Emporium Pluit Mall Jakarta This site can be accessed free of charge by all visitors to be able to enjoy various activities related to the MLBB world championship, starting from talk showplaying and taking pictures together influencers MLBB to M4 nobar.

influencers who were invited to enliven the event which took place from 29 December 2022 to 1 January 2023, included: Oura, Donkey, XINNN, Maipan, Luke, Bobocu, Gatot Damage (Heru), RianCYD, Echow, Naru, Wannn, Luminaire, Doyok, Aboy, Gamora, Jonathan Liandi, Antimage, Cadera, Udil, to Clover.

One of the offerings from Road to M4 is the race cosplays MLBB’s biggest headliner “MLBB Cosplay Festival 2022” with a total prize of up to 54 million Rupiah and 77,000 diamonds.

This competition succeeded in showing the action of the cosplayers talent dressed in MLBB themed costumes and judged by cosplayers homeland that has achievements up to the international stage, namely the jury RianCYD (World Cosplay Summit 2022 Champion), Zai Naru (Singapore AFA Champion), and Echow (Polymanga Switzerland).

Video “ Saatny4 Indonesia”

A video made to increase the euphoria and enthusiasm of Indonesia as the M4 host country. Videos”Saatny4 Indonesia” also called on the fans to support the team esports representatives of their respective countries in the M4 World Championship, especially for Indonesia.

M4 Battle Pass

To enliven the M4 World Championship, M4 Battle Pass is here on December 20, 2022 where players can get skins Beatrix “Stellar Brilliance”, special Effects M4, border avatars M4, Glorious Trail M4, graffiti M4, and a series of other attractive prizes.

Players can choose to level up and unlock Battle Pass through diamondswhich gives them access to skins M4 Beatrix Stellar Brilliance and prizes premium level pass.

Don’t miss the chance to get M4 exclusive prizes. If you don’t have one yet, the M4 Battle Pass is available until January 22, 2023. Players can also play and get M4 Coins to exchange for prizes in M4 Event Store.

Beatrix Weapon Installation

MOONTON Games also presents two weapon installations from Beatrix Prime SkinStellar Brilliance” which is located in front Sarina Building and Kendal Tunnel, Jakarta.

Every visitor who takes a photo with the installation andpost to TikTok or Instagram with the hashtags #M4BarengBeatrix #RoadtoM4 #saatny4Indonesia have the opportunity to get prizes in the form of epic skins MLBB and movie tickets grand finals M4 world championship.

Theme Song “Time for Indonesia”

In order to celebrate Indonesia as the host of the M4 World Championship, MLBB is also working with music platforms Resso to release theme song local sung by Happy Asmara by title “It’s time for Indonesia”.

This theme song raises music that is close to Indonesian culture, namely modern dangdutwhile still prioritizing the spirit of competition and striving to achieve the best.

Grand Finals M4 World Championships

The round of determining the winner takes place in the BO7 format. Grand Finals The M4 World Championship has brought together two of the best MLBB teams, viz ECHO Esports against Blacklist International.

The two teams competed against each other for the largest share of the total prize pool of USD 800,000 and for the opportunity to vote skins M4 winner and get a gold ring designed exclusively by UBS.

The match between the two teams itself was very exciting, the spectators at Tennis Indoor Senayan were very crowded because of the enthusiasm of the spectators for the match.

On Grand Finals Today, Blacklist International, whose ambition is to become a champion twice in a row, failed to defend its throne because they had to lose 4-0 to ECHO Esports.

With this result, ECHO Esports makes a name for itself as the new champion at the M Series event. In addition, Goldlaner from ECHO Esports played really well in the M4 World Championship, namely Bennyqtmanaged to become MVP in the event Grand Finals M4.