It was not easy for Rafflesia to play at MDL ID S7 with the Esports Warriors. What’s the process like?

Rafflesia transfer done Esports Warrior being one of the most eye-catching from the MLD ID S7 teams. How come? The player is a legend in the Philippine MPL.

The player moved to Swordsman after choosing to withdraw from ECHO to take a short break from the competitive scene due to experiencing burn out. Now he has returned to the competitive scene to continue his career.

The decision of the former Sunsparks, Aura PH, and ECHO player to choose to play in MDL ID with Swordsman was also somewhat surprising. By looking at the player’s capacity and ability, he deserves to play at a higher level.

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Credit: Esports Warrior

On the other hand, Rafflesia’s decision to join the Warriors did not happen instantly. There is a long process that has taken place, even though it was only introduced at the end of January 2023.

“I’ve been trying out since October or November and I still haven’t been able to get a contract because there are a lot of paperwork to be done. Apart from that, there are still many events in the Philippines, such as the Hall of Legends awards,” he told ONE Esports.

“So I couldn’t come here quickly. I was only able to arrive here in December,” he said.

In other words, even though he already has a big name, even being one of the Hall of Legends awardees at MPL PH S10, it is not that easy for him to become a part of the Swordsman Esports.

BayMax is the most attractive Warrior Esports player for Rafflesia

Rafflesia, Warrior Esports, MDL ID S7, MLBB, Mobile Legends
Credit: MPL PH

The long process that Rafflesia went through to join the Esports Warriors also allowed her to get to know other players a long time.

Of the many players on the Swordsman roster, the 25-year-old player admits that he is very impressed with BayMax. Not only about the ability to play, but also about his desire to develop.

“When I arrived here, the player that caught my attention the most was BayMax. Previously, when we scrim online, he didn’t talk much, maybe because he was shy and had difficulty communicating in English,” said the owner’s full name, Christian Fajura, to ONE Esports.

“Now that I am here, he always speaks English and continues to train himself and asks me the question “is my English good?”. Now he is very developed and very vocal in the game, “he said.

It will be interesting to look forward to how Rafflesia and the Warrior will perform at MDL ID S7. With his wealth of experience and skills, he is sure to make a significant impact on the team.

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