EVOS Saykots is confident that they can silence criticism and blasphemy from netizens with their great performance in MPL ID S11.

EXP laner EVOS Legends, Saykots, has regained the trust of being the mainstay of the team to face MPL ID S11. Even though last season, he was often the target of criticism from netizens.

In MPL ID S10, Saykots was appointed to EVOS Legends from their MDL team to replace Pendragon and Dlar because they were deemed unable to deliver the expected performance. He also became the hope of EVOS Fams, considering that his performance with EVOS Icon was so promising.

Source: ONE Esports

However, it turns out that Saykots’ presence in the team was not enough to lift EVOS Legends’ performance to end the losing streak they experienced in leg 2 of the regular season. He is also not infrequently the target of blasphemy by netizens.

After failing to save EVOS Legends from the red zone in the MPL ID S10 regular season, Saykots was able to show his best quality in several different events. The climax occurred at the IESF WEC 2022, where he managed to donate a gold medal for the Indonesian MLBB national team.

Now in MPL ID S11, he has helped EVOS Legends win in the opening match against Rebellion Zion on Saturday (18/2/2023) with a score of 2-0. He also won the MVP title in the second game using Lapu-Lapu.

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Credit: ONE Esports

However, this great performance was not enough to make the player avoid blasphemy. There are still oblique comments and doubts about his abilities that netizens point to him in the comments column.

EVOS Saykots confidently silences netizens’ doubts

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Credit: Instagram/EVOS. Saykots

After the match, EVOS Saykots responded to netizens’ doubts about him in a very relaxed way. He didn’t seem to be affected by this at all.

In fact, Saykots answered with high confidence while sending a psywar to all those who still doubted his abilities.

“For those of you who still doubt me, thank you very much. Let’s see how I will (play) in the future,” he said casually to ONE Esports.

The high confidence shown by Saykots is of course good news for EVOS Legends. This is really needed by the player and also the team to be able to fulfill their ambition to become champions.

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